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September 10, 2015
Edward Smith

West Sacramento Traffic Safety

West Sacramento Traffic Safety

The City of West Sacramento along with the West Sacramento Police Department wants to encourage motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists to observe and obey traffic and safety laws within the city.

Problems on Raider Lane

  • Some students have been reported driving way too fast along Raider Lane.
  • Speeding near a school shows extreme lack of judgment.
  • The speed limit on Raider Lane is 15 MPH.
  • Slow down to avoid a ticket for speeding and contributing to unsafe streets.
  • People are complaining to West Sacramento Police Department.
  • Citations are being issued and are very expensive.

Failure to use Crosswalks – Vehicle Code Section 21955

When intersections are controlled by traffic signal devices and lights, pedestrians must use the crosswalk.

We have learned that West Sacramento Police Department has been actively handing out citations to those who fail to use crosswalks.

What intersections are problematic?

  • West at Jefferson Boulevard and Linden Road
  • East between River City High School and the Target Store at the Clarksburg Trail

What will this type of citation cost me?

For a first time offense may run you a whopping………………$169.

Don’t Police Have Criminals to Catch?

There have been a large number of citizen complaints. Concerned citizens are fearful of hitting these individuals who dart out into the middle of traffic.

It is not safe. Citizens are worried not only that someone will get injured or killed, but that they may be held liable for that person’s injury or death.

These tickets are being issued to promote and encourage public safety.

What About Bicycle Safety?

If you are riding a bicycle, Vehicle Code Section 21650.1 mandates that you are to ride in the same direction as traffic.

If you are a bicyclist and there is a bicycle lane, Vehicle Code Section 21808(a) states that you are to use that lane.

If you are riding a bike and are under the age of 18, Vehicle Code 21212(a) requires you to wear a helmet. This also applies if you are riding a skateboard or scooter.

Many Concerned West Sacramento Residents

There is much concern and complaints coming in about teens crossing in front of vehicles on their way to the Target store.

Another common complaint is kids darting out in front of traffic while riding their bikes to Linden Park.

If you would like to report a pedestrian/bicycle or other traffic concern in your neighborhood, contact:

West Sacramento Public Works – Traffic and Transportation Division at (916) 617-4850.

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