Elk Grove PD Enforcement Operations

Elk Grove PD Enforcement Operations

Yesterday I was driving eastbound on Laguna Boulevard in Elk Grove.  As I was approaching the Franklin Boulevard intersection I spotted a very young child on a bike.  He was riding his bicycle through the crosswalk. My first thought was he should be walking his bike through the crosswalk.   As I proceeded past him, I noticed he was crossing against a Don’t Walk sign. It is not always the motorist who is in the wrong in a crosswalk accident.  Bicyclists should obey traffic laws that are designed to keep them safe or risk severe consequences, injuries and even death.

Elk Grove PD Enforcement Operations

On Wednesday, August 19, 2015, Elk Grove Police Department sent patrol officers out to enforce a Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety operation at the scene of some disturbing pedestrian and bicycling accidents that have been occurring in recent years.

The department is keeping track of where these accidents happen and in response have developed a special plan of enforcement to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety.

When it comes to motorists officers are looking for those who:

  • Speed
  • Make illegal turns
  • Fail to stop for signs and traffic signals
  • Failing to stop for a pedestrian

For pedestrians officers are looking for:

  • Pedestrians crossing against a Don’t Walk sign
  • Pedestrians failing to yield to a driver who has the right of way

For bicyclists officers are looking for:

  • Bike riders who fail to follow the same laws of traffic that apply to motorists

In the past few years, Elk Grove Police Department has conducted four fatal accident investigations involving pedestrian and/or bicyclist versus an automobile. The details are grim and problematic for the City of Elk Grove.  This is why officers were out on Wednesday performing this enforcement operation.

Funds for Elk Grove PD Enforcement Operations is being provided by a grant from California Office of Traffic Safety by way of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

For more information follow this link to the Elk Grove Police Department press release.

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