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Hike Davis!

Looking to get out in nature to enjoy this nice fall weather? Pack a lunch, lace up your shoes, and visit the UC Davis Arboretum this weekend! The Arboretum is stretched over 100 acres and features 17 different gardens. This trail has something to offer everyone; with a 3.5 loop path, this trail is great for joggers and bicyclists too! Picnic tables can be found in the Redwood Grove and near Putah Creek Lodge.

school walkDid you know that there is a local program concerned solely with Sacramento pedestrian safety?   It is known as WALKSacramento and one of its accomplishments is that it has succeeding in bringing what is known as “Safe Routes” to area schools, increasing the likelihood that our children make it to school on foot safely and without incident.

In recent years, the number of children that walk or bike to school has decreased significantly.  The Safe Routes to School program (which is national) is designed to reverse that trend by providing safe and convenient routes for kids to get to school without the use of a motorized vehicle.

bike sidewalkIs it legal to ride bikes on sidewalks in Sacramento?  Well, the answer is: it depends.  According to current California state law, cities and counties are able to regulate whether or not bicycles are allowed on sidewalks.  While it is legal to ride a bike on the sidewalk in some parts of the greater Sacramento area, in other areas it is prohibited.

Areas in which bicycle riding on sidewalks is uniformly prohibited are Folsom, Galt and the central business district of Davis.  Other areas have mixed rules.

What is Kinematics?

Kinematics comes from the Greek word “kuma” or “kumat”, which means movement. It is the study of movement without regard to the forces or masses involved. Trauma is all about movement as all trauma, whether it be blunt or penetration trauma, involves the phenomenon of movement.

Pedestrian deaths in the Unites States still remain high.  From 2001 to 2010, 47, 392 pedestrian deaths have occurred in the Unites States.  Most of these fatalities are adults.  Approximately, every year 5,000 deaths+ are contributed to pedestrian versus auto crashes.  In an effort to reduce pedestrian deaths and injury, a HAWK crosswalk has already been operating in Sacramento on Stockton Boulevard near UC Davis Hospital for over a year.  This is a high foot traffic location.  While the installation of the HAWK crosswalk is expensive, approximately $150,000 a piece, Sacramento has plans to put in nine additional crosswalks.

What is a HAWK crosswalk?  A HAWK crosswalk is built specifically to provide pedestrians with added security when crossing a street.  Instead of a light cycling from green to red for motorists, a few additional signals are added in an attempt to make sure the motorist is aware of the need to stop.  When a pedestrian pushes the ‘walk’ button at a HAWK intersection, a signal will being to flash yellow to indicate to motorists that a pedestrian will soon be using the crosswalk.  After flashing yellow, the signal will change to a solid yellow and then to a solid red.  When the light cycles to a solid red, it is also accompanied by  additional lights flashing red, which indicates that pedestrians are crossing.  The hope is that the additional flashing yellow and flashing red signals will grab the  motorists attention and help the motorist comply with stopping.  The pedestrian also see something extra at HAWK intersections.  The pedestrian is provided a flashing orange signal to notify the pedestrian that their time to cross the intersection is ending.