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January 29, 2016
Edward Smith

Paratransit Unfair Fair Increase

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Pedestrian Accident Lawyer. Recently, decision-makers from Sacramento Regional Transit (RT) debated a proposal with members of the community that would raise the cost of a ride on Light Rail. The same proposal would effectively eliminate the paratransit monthly pass. This is sad news for disabled folks who are on limited incomes and do not have the transit options available to them that other members of the community have. To learn more about the concerns presented by the community:

WATCH: Youtube Video, Sacramento RT proposal to eliminate paratransit pass, by our friends at KCRA3 News. An advocate for the disabled in our community, Genelle Smith, LCSW, gave a heartfelt and compelling reason why paratransit services should remain affordable.


Pedestrian accidents are a principal cause of death for adults and children in our country. In fact, a large majority of motor vehicle-related deaths involve pedestrians. Pedestrians are extremely vulnerable to death or serious injuries during accidents. This is because they are totally unprotected. One can’t even properly imagine how vulnerable a disabled pedestrian is out on our roadways without the help of affordable paratransit services. Regional Transit’s unfair fair increase will change all that.


People riding in motor vehicles have protection. They have things like several tons of steel around their bodies to protect them. Motorists have brakes, airbags and other forms of protection. The pedestrian does not. Bicyclists are vulnerable as well. Bicycle accidents are also many times fatal.


If you are an injured pedestrian, you need legal representation from an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who is able to efficiently investigate the circumstances of your crash and help you recover monetary damages for your injuries. I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Pedestrian Accident Attorney since 1982.

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Paratransit Unfair Fair Increase