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Most of us know the rules of conduct following a minor auto accident: pull over out of the way of traffic and exchange insurance information with the other driver – but we would like to add another important task – look for and identify any corroborating witness.  This is especially important in certain types of collisions.

The Red Light

All information regarding the motorcycle accident statistics compiled here comes from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  A rider is the operator only, a passenger is seated on the vehicle but not in control.  Multiple parties on a motorcycle referenced together are called “motorcyclists”.

In 2013, 4,668 motorcyclists suffered fatal crash injuries, which is a decrease from 4,986 in 2012.

Many employees drive company vehicles either to and from work or for specific company related tasks. Wrongful death claims can be brought against a driver’s employer if the negligent act of the employee occurred in the scope of employment. For this reason, it is vital in every wrongful death case to have only a wrongful death attorney investigate whether the negligent driver was in the scope of employment.

Employer Liability for Employee Actions

A vehicle making a right turn can be especially dangerous to lawful pedestrians and bicyclists.  This is because when the pedestrian crossing signal turns green, so does the signal facing the motorist interested in completing a right hand turn.  In California, where we are allowed to turn right on a red, often times the motorist has been looking to his or her left to find a break in traffic in which to complete the right turn.  When the traffic signal facing the oncoming traffic to the motorist’s left turns red, that break in traffic obviously occurs.  Many times the turning motorist will not re-check to his or her right before initiating the right turn movement, and if the pedestrian or bicyclist has already begun lawfully crossing, a horrifying collision could occur.

Motorists that frequent urban areas are often more aware of the potential to find a pedestrian or biker within the intersection since alternative commuters are more plentiful within those urban areas.

It is very common to have a motorcyclist killed or injured by a collision between a car and a motorcycle. A research study has been looking at why automobile drivers fail to give priority to the motorcycle and whether or not the motorcycle is conspicuous enough. Many times the car driver says, “I looked but didn’t see the motorcycle . . .” before crashing into the motorcycle.

The study looks into whether or not drivers fail to yield for motorcycles less than they do for cars on the road. Intersection collisions were compared to car-on-car and car-on-motorcycle crashes. It was found that when the vehicle approached the motorcycle from a perpendicular angle, it saw the motorcycle and gave it priority. When an automobile makes a left turn, however, they often fail to give priority to an oncoming motorcycle. There was no difference between drivers who just had an automobile license and when automobile drivers also had a motorcycle license.images


A JAMA study published in January concluded that people that have sustained traumatic brain injuries (TBI) were more likely to experience a premature death, which is defined as dying before 56 years of age.

The researchers followed everyone born in 1954 and later in Sweden that had been treated medically (outpatient or inpatient) for TBI between the years of 1969 and 2009.  The total number of people followed under these criteria was 218,300.  The researchers looked at death rates at least six months after the brain injury and were compared with the general population.  The study also considered the death rates of siblings of people within the study.

Many motorcyclists have experienced the feeling of being “invisible” to other drivers on the road, and unfortunately some have suffered the results of major impacts as well. Theories abound as to why other drivers seem to have difficult seeing motorcylists — some studies indicate that motorcycles tend to “blend in” to backgrounds more easily than cars and trucks; other studies conclude that motorcyles are less conspicuous simply because a driver’s attention is more readily drawn to and held by larger vehicles.

Whatever the reason for this “invisibility,” one situation in which it is most apparent is in left turn accidents in which drivers heading in the opposite direction of a motorcyclist suddenly execute a left-hand turn directly in front of them, leaving the motorcyclist little or no time to react.  Interviewed after the resulting collision, many of these drivers will simply say, “I never saw the motorcyclist.”

As illustrated in the above YouTube video, true lovers of motorcycles, want to pass this love on to their children.  (Incidentally, there was significant backlash from the above video.)

skeleton moto

A recent article in the journal Injury Prevention provides a warning to older motorcycle riders that they are more likely (as much as three times more likely) to suffer severe injuries in a crash than younger riders.

There are more older motorcyclists on the road.  Relatedly, the average age of those involved in motorcycle accidents has been rising.  A study by Brown University looked at motorcycle accidents involving injuries significant enough to require emergency medical care, which turned out to be approximately 1.5 million cases involving motorcyclists 20 or older from 2001 to 2008.

Neuropsychologists are scientists with advanced training in detecting injuries to the brain and how such injuries affect an injured person.

While most people believe neurologists are the experts of choice in dealing with brain injury, this is seldom the case. Neurologists are helpful in detecting and treating some serious brain injuries, and CT-Scans and MRI’s can also be useful, but most of the time the neuropsychologist does the heavy lifting in brain injury cases.

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