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Compared with larger motor vehicles like trucks and automobiles, motorcycles can expose their users to substantially greater danger of injury from collisions simply because of their smaller size and lesser degree of driver protection from the physical forces of a vehicle impact. The most crucial piece of safety equipment in most motorcycle accidents is the helmet.

While there are obviously good reasons of safety for wearing a helmet while riding on a motorcycle, there are also specific legal requirements. In California, these requirements are governed by Vehicle Code Sections 27802 and 27803. The first of these sections refers to the Federal Safety Standards from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that helmets used by motorcyclists in California must meet, and it prohibits the sale in California of helmets that don’t meet these federal standards. The federal standards clearly state, “The purpose . . . is to reduce deaths and injuries to motorcyclists . . .” and, “This standard applies to all helmets designed for use by motorcyclists. . . .”helmetstandards

Motorcyclists are in a unique position as riders on the road. They ride on two wheels, which is an inherently unstable position. They ride without the benefit of any protective metal around them, which makes direct vehicle to patient contact likely. Road to victim contact is almost inevitable and these riders often suffer from significant injuries. Many motorcyclists use performance enhancing equipment, which makes the chances of severe injury or death quite likely.

One recent review study looked at the patterns of injury, particularly major ones, seen in motorcycle riders following their injuries. There are unique aspects of their care, including airway management, circulatory status and the management of the spine.

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