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El Dorado Hills

How Motorcycles Can Safely Share the Road with Large Trucks

I’m Ed Smith, an El Dorado Hills CA Motorcycle Accident Attorney. Large trucks pose a danger to vehicles of all sizes on the roads of California but they can be extremely dangerous for motorcycles. Here are some important tips for safely operating a motorcycle near a large truck.

8 Safety Tips for the Novice Motorcycle Rider

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento motorcycle accident attorney. A novice motorcycle rider must use extreme safety when riding a motorcycle while still learning. Follow these eight safety tips to ensure a safe ride on your new motorcycle.

When looking at motorcycle and other motor vehicle accident statistics, it’s clear that there are more accidents for motorcycles than there are for motor vehicles. The problem is that most of these accidents are due to the fault of the automobile drivers who fail to give the proper right of way to motorcycles and cause accidents.

There was a survey filled out to assess car drivers’ attitudes and assessment of motorcyclists. Drivers should there were some negative attitudes towards motor cycles in some cases and empathic attitudes in other cases. Some drivers were aware of the perceptual problems when dealing with motorcycles and many had a spatial understanding of the motorcycle on the road. Drivers who had a moderate driving experience held the most negative responses toward motorcyclists.

Motorcyclists are in a unique position as riders on the road. They ride on two wheels, which is an inherently unstable position. They ride without the benefit of any protective metal around them, which makes direct vehicle to patient contact likely. Road to victim contact is almost inevitable and these riders often suffer from significant injuries. Many motorcyclists use performance enhancing equipment, which makes the chances of severe injury or death quite likely.

One recent review study looked at the patterns of injury, particularly major ones, seen in motorcycle riders following their injuries. There are unique aspects of their care, including airway management, circulatory status and the management of the spine.

In looking at motorcycle injuries, researchers have discovered that those motorcyclists involved in what’s known as an approach-turn crash were injured more likely than any other type of crash. The researchers also looked at crash types that occurred at T junctions and whether or not the proper right of way was given. Injuries were greatest when the motorcycle collided with a vehicle making a right turn. Injuries were actually worse when a stop or yield sign were placed at the T. Injuries in these situations tended to be great. No one knows yet how to prevent these kinds of injuries other than to request that the motorcyclist be very conspicuous.

Motorcyclists who were involved in accidents had no training. A total of 92 percent were taught by family members or friend or were self-taught. Researchers feel that accidents could be averted if the motorcyclist was properly trained by an expert or underwent classes to learn how to use a motorcyclist.

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