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Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta Site of Fatal Plane Crash

Two people on board a home-built biplane perished in a plane crash in Rio Vista on June 8. The accident happened at about 11:45 a.m., close to the Municipal Airport Rio Vista in the northern part of the city, according to the Solano County Sheriff’s Office. The aircraft involved was a Steen Skybolt, which is designed as an acrobatic airplane.

Plane Crash Along Dog Bar Road Kills Pilot and Passenger

Two fatalities were reported in a rural area of Grass Valley on February 20 in a plane crash involving a Lockwood Aircam. The accident was reported to the Federal Aviation Administration around 2:05 p.m. However, 911 dispatch reported they received the call of the crash at the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office around 1:26 p.m. 

Fatal Accident off Christensen Road When Plane Crashes in Orchard

Authorities said two people were killed in a small plane crash in Sacramento County near Galt on September 4. The accident was reported to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) around 9:13 a.m. at an almond orchard located near the intersection of Christensen and Twin Cities Road. The low-wing monoplane, a Beechcraft Baron 58, crashed in the middle of the orchard. 

Accident at Nut Tree Airport Involves Light Plane Crash

A light plane crash in Vacaville on August 24 injured two people on board. The accident happened at about 11:20 in the morning at the Nut Tree Airport, which is located off East Monte Vista Avenue. According to the Solano County Sheriff’s Office, the two injured people were transported to a hospital, and it is believed they will survive their injuries. Investigators with the Federal Aviation Administration are investigating the cause of the crash, the National Transportation Safety Board, and local authorities.

Multiple Fatalities Reported in Air Collision Involving Two Light Planes

Multiple fatalities were reported in Watsonville in Santa Cruz County on August 18 after two light planes collided mid-air. The collision occurred shortly before 3:00 p.m. as both planes were making their final approach to land at the Watsonville Municipal Airport.

Kit Plane Crashes Near the Golden Gate Bridge

Two Sacramento residents lost their lives in an airplane crash on May 6 near San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. The deceased woman was identified as Jennifer Lynn Fox, age 52, and the man who died in the plane crash was the pilot, Michael B. Briare, age 57, according to the Marin County Sheriff. The occupants of the plane were in a single-engine Vans RV-10 when the National Park Service reported the emergency beacon had been activated around 2:15 p.m. northwest of the bridge above Conzelman Road. 

Plane Crashes Short of Airport Runway

A plane crash in Butte County near Paradise on February 9 caused minor injuries to the pilot when the aircraft went down near the airport. The accident happened around 9:45 a.m. at Paradise Skypark airport. According to a report by the Federal Aviation Administration, the airplane came down near the airport’s runway while attempting a landing. 

Four Injured in Wilton Plane Crash Shortly After Takeoff

A plane crash in Wilton occurred on October 14, shortly after takeoff from the Alta Mesa Airport, causing injuries to the four people on board, including one woman who is pregnant. The airplane crashed close to Alta Mesa and Blake roads after briefly going airborne and then dipping to the left before it went into a dive. Upon hitting the ground, the plane burst into flames, as well as starting a minor vegetation fire. The four people on board, a male, pregnant female, and two teenagers were initially listed in critical condition with burn injuries but are expected to survive.

Four Deaths Occur When Airplane Crashes on Approach

A deadly airplane crash occurred near the Truckee-Tahoe Airport on July 26 when a small business jet crashed. None of the four people on board survived. The plane, identified as a Bombardier Challenger, was approaching the Truckee airport at the time the crash occurred. This plane can carry up to two pilots and 12 passengers. The air disaster occurred when the plane went down in a heavily treed area, which started a fire. 

Humboldt County Plane Crash Fatalities Include Sacramento Man

A light plane crash in Northern California on July 15 resulted in the fatalities of the four people on board near Dinsmore. According to a report by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, those who died in the crash were identified as Kenneth John Malinowski, a 62-year-old Sacramento County resident, Henry Punt, a 69-year-old from Los Angeles County, Jacquie Ann Figg, a 56-year-old from San Bernardino County and Steve Sanz, a 63-year-old from Orange County. The accident is under investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration, National Transportation Safety Board, and Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office to determine the cause.

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