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Rancho Cordova Arsonist Alert

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September 25, 2015
Edward Smith

Rancho Cordova Arsonist Alert

Northern California Fires

The Butte and Valley Wildfires have been catastrophic.  The images we have seen playing out on television recently are overwhelmingly heart-wrenching.  The destruction the fire has left in its path is of epic proportion.

According to a Sacramento Bee newspaper report, the Valley Fire that has scorched Sonoma, Napa and Lake counties, ranks about the third-worst in California history.

Although Cal Fire says they have managed to get a better handle on the two fires, officials report as many as 1,400 houses have been wiped out by the two huge wildfires in Northern California.

With the California Wildfires still weighing heavy on our minds, the thought of an arsonist on the loose is most troubling.   Especially, when it happens close to home.

Rancho Cordova Arsonist Alert

  • A small cluster of fires flared up in the Rancho Cordova area of Highway 50 and Zinfandel Drive.
  • The location is along Paiute Way.
  • These fires happened just after midnight on Monday/early Tuesday morning on September 22, 2015.
  • Fires are said to be the work of an arsonist.
  • Crews from the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District were first to arrive on the scene.
  • We have learned that some firefighters are just returning home from assisting with the Butte & Valley fire fighting efforts.
  • The Rancho Cordova fires had been set in the area between a highway sound barrier and some neighboring backyards.
  • In all, approximately ten houses were endangered.

What Type of Fire Damage Was Spotted? 

  • Trees Torching
  • An Outbuilding on fire
  • Fences engulfed in flames

Follow this Sacramento Metro Fire Department Twitter link to see the fire damage that occurred behind a sound wall near homes along Paiute Way in Rancho Cordova.

Arson Investigation Ongoing

An arson investigator is looking over the details and existing evidence surrounding the scene of the fire to determine if the four or five fires, which were set within about two hours of each other, are the work of an arsonist.

Sacramento Metro Fire Captain 

Sacramento Metro Fire Captain, Mike Eidam, thinks the fires were purposely set in multiple spots.

The small fires were all located in close proximity of one another.  If you have any information about the fires, please call Sacramento Metro Fire Department at (916) 859-4300.

If you see suspicious activity along the freeway, call 911.

Links to News Reports of the Rancho Cordova fires

For more information from the Sacramento Bee, click here.

To watch a news video from CBS 13, click here.

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