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December 09, 2015
Edward Smith

Commercial Truck Interior Video Systems


Sacramento Trucking Accident Attorney Discusses Commercial Truck Interior Video Systems:

Ed Smith is a top-rated Sacramento Trucking Accident Attorney. Ed is familiar with the devastating consequences of large commercial trucking accidents. He is painfully aware of the life-changing injuries that result when a truck collides with a car. Victims hit by trucks usually fair far worse than their car versus car counterparts. Sadly, trucking accidents are usually more catastrophic and deadly. The reason for this is due to the sheer size and weight (roughly 10,000 – 80,000 pounds) of the commercial truck. In this article we will explore the benefit of commercial truck interior video systems.

Studying the Details of Trucking Accidents

Studies are continually being performed to see how and why accidents happen. Many of these studies produce guidelines that have been incorporated into strict regulations that the commercial trucking industry is required to adhere.

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)

National Transportation Safety Board has the task of investigating each and every accident that happens on our nation’s highways. This agency is responsible for investigating and producing a report as to the likely cause of an accident. They also perform aviation crash studies (the black box collectors) and other transportation related investigations. NTSB is considered an independent entity of the federal government. Congress directs the board to produce a report of their findings and make the appropriate recommendations to the associated industries and other interested agencies.

2015 Commercial Truck Interior Video Systems Recommendation

After studying and reporting on the varying causes of countless trucking accidents, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released a recommendation in April of 2015. The NTSB produced a safety report suggesting that all heavy commercial trucks be equipped with on board video recording systems in the truck interior cabins. Seemingly, this would help keep our highways safer, right?

Sacramento truck accident attorney discusses commercial truck interior video systems:

Sacramento Trucking Accident Lawyer, Ed Smith, believes it’s a huge step in the right direction. We think if this was mandated it could greatly reduce the instances of risky truck driver behavior. Many times truck driver inattentiveness, driving under the influence, driving while tired or while texting are the risky behaviors that are responsible for causing deadly trucking accidents with horrible injuries to innocent motorists. Ed has litigated many catastrophic trucking accident cases throughout his career and seen severe injuries and death. One of the saddest injuries he sees is amputation and traumatic brain injuries. But most devastating is when one or more members of a family dies in a fatal car/truck accident.

The April 2015 recommendation by the NTSB sends a strong message to the commercial trucking industry. Ed suggests that we are getting closer and closer to requiring a higher level of accountability for truck drivers and the companies who employ them. Driver negligence continues to be a relevant concern. The companies that employ these drivers have been officially put on notice. The bottom line is this: Americans want our roadways to be safe for ourselves, our kids and all those we love. We want commercial truck interior video systems to be installed in their fleets! Truck drivers may be hesitant at first. They may feel like their employer is spying on them. But we have learned that if the trucking company resource managers go about this properly and provide incentives for good driving behaviors versus risky driving behaviors everybody wins. I spoke to a truck driver today who said he certainly would think twice before doing a lot of things while driving if he knew he was being recorded.

From an accident liability standpoint, if truck drivers are trained by their trucking companies, based on the data from NTSB and their video footage they see occurring in the cabs of their trucks, they could utilize same as training tools and offer incentives to those who drive free of risky and inattentive behaviors. These trucking companies could save millions of dollars in wrongful death claims and personal injury lawsuits. Most importantly, lives will be saved. 

In the Youtube Video that follows you will see how effective commercial truck interior video systems can be. The video footage does not lie. Later in the video, see a truck driver’s reaction to his employer’s use of commercial truck interior video systems for the first time.


Are Video Systems Currently In Use on other Commercial Vehicles on the road?

Other commercial vehicles, like motorcoaches and school buses, have also been equipped with similar on-board camera devices. These recordings have been very helpful to the NTSB in proving causation of an accident. Recordings also assist in providing important data on how to reduce future accidents. The ultimate goal being to lessen injury and loss of life when accidents do happen.

What type of video camera recording systems does NTSB recommend?

The NTSB safety report suggested using properly installed and maintained recording systems. The systems should have the capability to provide good quality footage in low-lighting situations, frame-by-frame advancement technology, a forward facing camera capturing the roadway, and also facing driver to record his or her actions and passenger seat as well.

Commercial Truck Interior Video Systems by Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer, Ed Smith.

Read the full report here: NTSB Reviews the Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Onboard Video Systems

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