Community Help with Prosthetic Hands

As a Sacramento personal injury lawyer since 1982, I’ve had many cases where people have been seriously injured in a cat, truck or motorcycle accident which resulted in an amputation. The cost of designing and fitting a prosthesis can be very expensive and to my clients without adequate insurance, these life changing injuries can be emotionally, physically and financially devastating.

I recently ran across a volunteer network that gives me great hope that technology and community will soon relieve much of the financial burden in terms of obtaining a prosthesis.

In 2013, the Open Hand Project was a crowdfunded study that uses donations to help design a 3D, prosthetic, affordable hand. The aim was to reduce the heavy costs of prosthesis.
As a followup a community known as E-Nable on Google plus, has designers and people who have 3D Printers work  together  designing and making Made to order hands and fingers for between $20 and $50.

If you would like to help on this worthy project visit  or write