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Bicyclist Killed by a Freight Train in Elk Grove

A bicyclist was killed on August 19 when he was hit by a freight train on Elk Grove Florin Road near Bond Road. According to a representative of the Elk Grove Police Department, the accident occurred at 5:15 p.m. as the bicyclist was heading east on Bond Road. Witnesses said the arms came down along with lights at the train crossing, indicating a locomotive was approaching. Even though other drivers at the site blew their horns, the train hit the man. The name of the deceased has yet to be released by the coroner’s office in Sacramento County. The traffic bureau of the Elk Grove Police Department will be in charge of the investigation. Traffic in the area was diverted immediately following the crash from the area north of West Camden Drive. The road was reopened at about 9:00 p.m. 

Femur Fracture Patterns in Pedestrian Injuries

Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable while crossing the street. Without any protection between themselves, the pavement, and passing motor vehicles, it is important for every driver to watch for pedestrians. According to statistics by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA):

Increase in Pedestrian Deaths and Injuries

I’m Ed Smith, an Elk Grove pedestrian accident lawyer. Pedestrian accidents cause numerous injuries and deaths each year. Although Elk Grove has a small number of pedestrian accidents compared to many other California cities, that number increased in 2016. To keep pedestrians safe, it is important that both motorists and walkers know how to stay safe and avoid accidents.



California Records Highest Number of Pedestrian Deaths

I’m Ed Smith, a Pedestrian accident lawyer serving the Elk Grove and Sacramento community. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are becoming more and more common. A common way pedestrians get hit by cars in Elk Grove and Sacramento are when drivers are backing up. Making U-turns, as well as left and right turns are quite common. Another factor to consider is driver distraction. Driver distraction includes cell phone use, texting, or even applying makeup while driving down our roadways. Unfortunately, these behaviors sometimes go unnoticed by law enforcement. What is worse is that driver inattentiveness is causing more and more pedestrian injuries and deaths than we realize.

For two years in a row, California maxed out with the country’s greatest number of pedestrian deaths, new statistics have revealed. As many as 700 pedestrians sustained fatal injuries in vehicle accidents in California in 2014, according to preliminary statistics released by Governors Highway Safety Association.

Sacramento Resident hit by car while crossing the street to her apartment

It is easy to see how California records highest number of pedestrian deaths. It seems like the news is consistently reporting on pedestrian injuries and fatalities. On Sunday, November 29, 2015, the news reported a vehicle versus pedestrian accident as a woman was crossing a street near her home. California Highway Patrol says a 37-year old woman was hit and killed as she was crossing Marconi and Fulton Avenue. This tragedy occurred right in front of the apartment where the woman lived. It is a painful reminder of how we can be living our lives one moment, and be gone the next. This is a painful reality check. One that reminds us that pedestrians should be extra cautious at all times. Continue reading ›