Increase in Pedestrian Deaths and Injuries

Increase in Pedestrian Deaths and Injuries

I’m Ed Smith, an Elk Grove pedestrian accident lawyer. Pedestrian accidents cause numerous injuries and deaths each year. Although Elk Grove has a small number of pedestrian accidents compared to many other California cities, that number increased in 2016. To keep pedestrians safe, it is important that both motorists and walkers know how to stay safe and avoid accidents.

Who Is at Fault in a Pedestrian Accident?

Either the pedestrian or the driver of the vehicle can be at fault in a pedestrian accident. Both can also be partially at fault, depending on the circumstance. For example, if a pedestrian is walking in a crosswalk after the walk light has turned red, the pedestrian may be deemed at fault. The same is true if the driver ran a red light and struck the pedestrian. However, because California is a comparative negligence state, a percentage of blame may be assigned to each. This means that the injured individual may still be able to claim compensation. If the pedestrian was deemed to be 50 percent at fault, he or she would still be able to collect 50 percent of the compensation to cover medical costs and other expenses.

What Should an Injured Pedestrian Do After an Accident?

In order to present a claim for damages caused by an accident injury, a pedestrian needs to do the following things:

  • Notify police and call for emergency medical help if necessary.
  • Exchange information with the driver, including his/her license number, phone number, address and insurance information.
  • Jot down details about the vehicle, including license plate number, make and model.
  • Take photos of the accident scene.
  • Ask witnesses what they saw and take down their contact information.
  • Following the accident, see a physician to be checked out, even if you feel fine. Some injuries aren’t felt right away.
  • Keep detailed medical records of hospitalization, doctors’ visits, medications, lost time from work and any other expenses associated with the accident.
  • Contact an injury lawyer who is experienced in pedestrian accidents to find out about your rights.

Elk Grove Pedestrian Accidents

In 2014, the California Office of Traffic Safety reported 20 accidents involving pedestrian deaths and injuries in Elk Grove out of the total of 651 accidents. That number increased to 31 fatalities and injuries caused to pedestrians out of 827 accidents in 2015. Sacramento County, as a whole, experienced 440 injuries and fatalities to pedestrians in 2014 out of 9,747 accidents. In 2015, the number of deaths and injuries increased to 535 out of 11,710 accident injuries and fatalities. This placed Sacramento County as 24th among the 57 counties in the state.

Risk Factors for a Pedestrian Accident

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 129,000 walkers were injured in traffic collisions in 2015 and over 5,000 died. The risk factors such as age (19 percent who died were at least 65 years old) and alcohol impairment of either the driver or pedestrian (48 percent). Higher vehicle speeds when the accident occurred also increased the likelihood of more serious injuries.

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