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California Records Highest Number of Pedestrian Deaths

I’m Ed Smith, a Pedestrian accident lawyer serving the Elk Grove and Sacramento community. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are becoming more and more common. A common way pedestrians get hit by cars in Elk Grove and Sacramento are when drivers are backing up. Making U-turns, as well as left and right turns are quite common. Another factor to consider is driver distraction. Driver distraction includes cell phone use, texting, or even applying makeup while driving down our roadways. Unfortunately, these behaviors sometimes go unnoticed by law enforcement. What is worse is that driver inattentiveness is causing more and more pedestrian injuries and deaths than we realize.

For two years in a row, California maxed out with the country’s greatest number of pedestrian deaths, new statistics have revealed. As many as 700 pedestrians sustained fatal injuries in vehicle accidents in California in 2014, according to preliminary statistics released by Governors Highway Safety Association.

Sacramento Resident hit by car while crossing the street to her apartment

It is easy to see how California records highest number of pedestrian deaths. It seems like the news is consistently reporting on pedestrian injuries and fatalities. On Sunday, November 29, 2015, the news reported a vehicle versus pedestrian accident as a woman was crossing a street near her home. California Highway Patrol says a 37-year old woman was hit and killed as she was crossing Marconi and Fulton Avenue. This tragedy occurred right in front of the apartment where the woman lived. It is a painful reminder of how we can be living our lives one moment, and be gone the next. This is a painful reality check. One that reminds us that pedestrians should be extra cautious at all times. Continue reading ›

elk grove turkey trot

I’m Ed Smith, an Elk Grove Pedestrian Injury Attorney. The well-known Elk Grove Turkey Trot is a special holiday race in Elk Grove.  It’s also called the Courage Run!  This 5K/10K race will benefit Courage House. The highly anticipated 7th Annual Elk Grove Turkey Trot takes place on Thanksgiving Day (November 26, 2015).

What is Courage House?

Courage House are homes for children who have been rescued out of sex trafficking situations.

Did you know that safe homes are needed to house children of sex trafficking?

The sex trafficking statistics are appalling.  Thousands of children in our country and abroad are in desperate need of a safe place to live.  Many of these children are runaways. Some are running from a living situation where sexual exploitation and abuse are an every day occurrence. Continue reading ›