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Bicyclist Killed by a Freight Train in Elk Grove

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August 22, 2019
Edward Smith

Bicyclist Killed by a Freight Train in Elk Grove

A bicyclist was killed on August 19 when he was hit by a freight train on Elk Grove Florin Road near Bond Road. According to a representative of the Elk Grove Police Department, the accident occurred at 5:15 p.m. as the bicyclist was heading east on Bond Road. Witnesses said the arms came down along with lights at the train crossing, indicating a locomotive was approaching. Even though other drivers at the site blew their horns, the train hit the man. The name of the deceased has yet to be released by the coroner’s office in Sacramento County. The traffic bureau of the Elk Grove Police Department will be in charge of the investigation. Traffic in the area was diverted immediately following the crash from the area north of West Camden Drive. The road was reopened at about 9:00 p.m. 

What an Attorney Can Do to Help

After a bicycle rider is killed, many questions are left unanswered. It is not always possible to determine fault based on what seems to have happened. Our investigators are dispatched to the scene of the accident to gather evidence that helps sort out why a crash truly occurred. We also examine the time it takes for the train to cross after the warning lights are activated. If the time frame is too brief, someone in the path of the train may be unable to retreat in time. In addition, if the train is traveling at an excessive speed, it further complicates the person’s ability to get out of the way. To do this, we obtain video footage of the accident and interview all witnesses to the crash and test the timing. Armed with this data, our lawyers delve into who was at fault from a legal standpoint.  

Train Accidents

Over 7,200 people were killed by trains in the past decade. In addition, 6,400 were injured. This includes pedestrians and those on bicycles as well as motor vehicle drivers. Trains require more than a mile to stop completely, and freight trains rarely stop at crossings. Generally, about one person is killed at a railroad crossing by a train every three hours. It is difficult to determine the distance an oncoming train is from you as well as its speed. If the train is traveling at an excessive speed, it makes it harder to do that.

How a Family Deals With a Wrongful Death

Dealing with a wrongful death is a harrowing experience for a family. It differs from the sorrow we feel when a loved one dies at the end of a long life. Wrongful deaths are unexpected, and it is this suddenness that adds to the bereaved’s sorrow. When death is caused by another’s negligence, other emotions also surface such as anger and disbelief. Dealing with a wrongful death may take alternate routes, and not every path is right for everybody. In addition to the emotional turmoil the family faces, there are also financial repercussions. For instance, the family suddenly faces paying for funeral and burial expenses as well as normal bills without the support once provided by the deceased. A wrongful death lawsuit can help, and it is advantageous to speak with your attorney about this.

How to Cope With Grief

There is no one way to deal with grief. However, there are basic tenets that may work. Some of these are:

  • Allow yourself to grieve: It is important to take the time to grieve. There are many things that must be done after a loved one dies. Attending to these matters may consume our time and divert our mind from the sorrow we feel. Leaving some time to allow yourself to grieve is important for your own well-being.
  • Talk to others: Many times after a wrongful death accident, the family members may feel that it is improper to discuss how their loved one died. However, it is just the opposite for many people. Discussing the accident may help them deal with the circumstances.
  • Take care of yourself and other family members: After a death in the family, many members don’t take care of their basic needs such as sleeping and eating. This is an opportunity for the family members to help by encouraging each other to try to maintain a balance. This sense of unity can often be helpful. 

Elk Grove Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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