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Santa Barbara Brain Injury Victim Makes Comeback

I’m Ed Smith, a Santa Barbara brain injury lawyer. The victim of a hit and run accident in Santa Barbara eight months ago recently went to the police department  with his family to thank the officers who relentlessly tracked and apprehended the driver. In a heart-warming visit, the family noted that bringing the perpetrator to justice was more than just a job for Officer Ethan Ragsdale and his support team.  


New Discovery May Help Memory in Traumatic Brain Injury

I’m Ed Smith, a Santa Barbara brain injury lawyer. Traumatic brain Injuries due to accidents such as car accidents or falls can have a significant effect on the person’s life, ranging from temporary confusion to death. Unlike many other injuries, brain injury has a profound effect on the whole person, causing long-term or permanent loss of cognitive function. This interferes in the person’s job, relationships and the ability to enjoy life.

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New Research Shows Promise for Brain Injury Patients

I’m Ed Smith, a Santa Barbara Brain Injury Lawyer. Those who have experience dealing with a brain injury understand the devastating consequences that can result. They could lead to lifelong comorbidities for patients, such as chronic pain. Recent research performed by Rutgers University may open a new avenue for the treatment of brain injuries.