New Research Shows Promise for Brain Injury Patients

Brain injury

New Research Shows Promise for Brain Injury Patients

I’m Ed Smith, a Santa Barbara Brain Injury Lawyer. Those who have experience dealing with a brain injury understand the devastating consequences that can result. They could lead to lifelong comorbidities for patients, such as chronic pain. Recent research performed by Rutgers University may open a new avenue for the treatment of brain injuries.

Brain Injuries can Cause Chronic Complications

Many areas of the body that are injured, such as cuts on the skin, heal and regenerate with time; however, the same is not true of the brain. That is why people who suffer a stroke or a traumatic brain injury often fail to make a full recovery. The brain is made up of countless neurons that control everything from motor function to sensory perception, memory perception, and judgment. When these are damaged in traumatic injuries, they rarely regenerate. This means that the sensory and motor pathways that were controlled by these neurons are permanently lost.

New Protection for Brain Cells

In an article recently published in Scientific Reports, scientists at Rutgers University used lithium and rapamycin to protect nerve cells in the brain. While lithium is already a first-line treatment for bipolar disorder and rapamycin is a medicine used to treat various forms of cancer, the use of these medications for traumatic brain injuries would be novel. In a head and brain injury, a chemical signal called glutamate is transmitted to nerve cells throughout the injury site. This signal causes nerve cells to die, causing brain damage. The Rutgers scientists’ results were promising and demonstrated evidence that lithium and rapamycin could protect these nerve cells from damage by stopping the transmission of the glutamate signal that leads to brain damage.

The Potential to Help Millions

Traumatic injuries, such as those sustained in auto accidents, are a major source of morbidity and mortality throughout the country on an annual basis; however, traumatic brain injuries are particularly severe. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that over 1.5 million people develop a traumatic brain injury every year. Furthermore, around 30 percent of all injury-related fatalities are somehow related to a traumatic brain injury. They could be considered wrongful deaths. These injuries impact the elderly and children at a disproportionately high rate. With statistics such as these, it is obvious that more research into the treatment and prevention of traumatic brain injuries must be performed.


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