West Sacramento Business Damaged by Vehicle Crash

Vehicle Crash With Business on West Capitol Avenue

A beauty salon in West Sacramento was damaged by a vehicle crash on March 30. The incident happened along West Capitol Avenue at Classy Hair and Nail. The West Sacramento Fire Department reported that four people had been injured as a result. 

Minor Injuries Reported in Vehicle Crash Into Building

Injuries appeared to be minor, and no one was taken to a hospital for additional evaluation. The driver in question was an older woman, and neither drugs nor alcohol appeared to be involved in the crash. The incident is being investigated by local police to determine what happened.

Why a Vehicle Crashes Into a Building

It is an unfortunate occurrence when a motor vehicle runs into a building. Whether it’s an accident, negligence, or maliciousness, there are many reasons why this can happen. Here are some of the common causes that lead to a vehicle colliding with a building:

  • Placing the vehicle in the wrong gear: A driver may accidentally press the accelerator instead of the brake, which can lead to a vehicle crash into a building.
  • Driver inattention or distraction: A driver may be distracted by a cell phone, GPS device, or other object inside the car. This can cause them to take their eyes off the road and not see obstacles in their path.
  • Mechanical failure: Malfunctioning brakes or steering could be to blame for crashing into a building. If the proper maintenance isn’t done on the vehicle, it can lead to dangerous malfunctions. In addition, a part defect may lead to a vehicle crash. Retaining the car is important, so it can be investigated for defects. If this proves to be the cause of the vehicle accident, an auto product liability claim may be possible against the manufacturer.
  • Poor road conditions: Potholes, slick surfaces, or obstructed roads can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle and crash into a building. A government claim may be placed to recover compensation. However, the statute of limitations on this type of claim expires in six months, so getting help from a lawyer might be a good idea.
  • Intoxication: Alcohol or drugs can impair a person’s ability to drive safely and potentially lead to a crash.
  • Excessive speed: Speeding is a major factor in many auto accidents and can cause more serious injuries if the vehicle hits a building.

How a Lawyer Can Help Recover Compensation for an Injured Client

When someone has suffered an injury due to another person’s negligence, they may be entitled to receive compensation. A lawyer can help their client to recover the damages that they deserve. The lawyer can help an injured client by investigating their case, identifying all potentially responsible parties, and determining the total amount of damages sustained. In some cases, an attorney can negotiate a favorable settlement with the responsible party without having to go to court. If necessary, an attorney can represent the injured party in court and fight for a fair verdict.

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