CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: What We Are Doing to Protect Our Clients

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Support Sacramento Businesses

Are you tired of cooking at home? Sick of fast food? Good news – plenty of local restaurants are still open for curbside pickup and/or delivery in the East Sacramento and Midtown areas. The restaurant business is notoriously tough to begin with, and the quarantine situation has made it infinitely tougher. By simply enjoying delicious food and drinks, we can help support Sacramento businesses as they work to stay afloat.

Loneliness in Society

The optimists of the world believe that there will be many positive outcomes from the COVID-19 pandemic. A couple such potential outcomes could be a societal recognition that loneliness is a public health concern, and a resulting effort to respond to that concern. Loneliness is often a primary cause or strong contributor to the epidemics of drug addiction, alcohol abuse, depression, and suicide. It also has negative physical effects, specifically with regard to heart disease and mental decline. In his study of the Blue Zones, several areas in the world with populations that enjoy the greatest longevity, author Dan Buettner found that a component shared by each Blue Zone was a strong sense of community.

The Lost Semester

Schools are closed throughout the Sacramento area. Elk Grove Unified School District will be handing out Chromebooks from April 1st through 9th for families without other computers in order to begin a program of distance learning. Any hope that kids will return to classrooms before summer has faded.  

Zoom Client Meetings

Zoom is helping us stay socially connected from a distance. While Skype and Facetime have been available for video chats for years, Zoom has emerged as the clear technological winner in the field during this Covid-19 isolation period.  We here at have found the app to have a fast and reliable connection. We have been using it for staff meetings, and it was so simple to use that we began offering Zoom client meetings. New client meetings via Zoom help us establish trust and connection. The process of accessing Zoom is not difficult, and we will link a video and provide simple instructions below. The app is so popular that “zoom” has become a verb – so if you want to talk with us face-to-face about your case – let’s zoom!

The New World

A month ago, it seemed impossible that within weeks the entire U.S. economy would shut down in an effort to control a new virus. We were aware of past pandemics: Smallpox, the Spanish Flu, and the Black Plague – but they were remote historical events, and very few of us were worried that a virus could completely change our entire way of life. But now, people all over the world have come to that realization and are afraid. Routines have been destroyed, and we feel adrift. Many have lost employment, we worry about our loved ones, and home isolation can cause intense loneliness. In these fearful times, we can look to the Stoics for guidance.

Compelling Electric Vehicle Rebates

When you are in the market for a new vehicle, consider that electricity is a clean fuel for transportation and, therefore, better for the environment, and also that Electric Vehicles (EV) purchased in California are eligible for several types of rebates. The federal tax credit that once existed for such vehicles phased out in 2020, but the rebates discussed below are still available.

Self-Massage Techniques for Pain and Anxiety

Many of our clients, especially those with chronic pain issues, benefit from therapeutic massage. During this time of responsible social distancing, many massage therapists are not seeing clients. Fortunately, there are self-massage techniques that can be utilized by the homebound, which can bridge the treatment gap and provide pain-relieving and immune-boosting benefits.

So Much Togetherness

With schools closed throughout the Sacramento region and many parents working from home, families are experiencing an alarming uptick in “at-home family time.” While togetherness usually is great, like anything, it is most appreciated when it is a limited commodity. Boredom, cabin fever, and the parental fear of young brains turning to mush are emotions many of us are experiencing in abundance during our Covid-19 quarantines. Parents everywhere are on the lookout for activities for homebound kids.

Are Empty Roads Safer?

The Sacramento freeways are nearly empty. We no longer need to consult Waze or Google Maps before we begin a drive. Whereas once the traffic in the Sacramento area could be so heavy that it was prudent to check the estimated time to travel your intended route, now during our shelter-in-place, all that stands between you and nearly everywhere you want to go is a stretch of uninhabited road. But do deserted highways automatically mean that there are fewer car accidents? Perhaps that is true in overall quantity, but the open roads may be the setting for more serious accidents if fewer cars result in faster cars.

Fresh Air and Sunshine

There seems to be a little bit of confusion as to whether it is acceptable to go outside and exercise during Sacramento’s shelter-in-place order. There are no current restrictions to avoid outdoor exercise either under the California orders or the federal 15-day guidelines to slow the spread of Covid-19. In fact, getting outside in the sunlight and cool breeze may be the highlight of our quarantined days. For now, we can still safely go outside and let’s hope that does not change.