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  • LiveWire – Harley-Davidson’s New Electric Motorcycle Debuts

Harley-Davidson, the iconic motorcycle manufacturer, is looking toward the future with its new electric LiveWire. With an aging population of bikers, the company is looking to attract younger riders as well as older ones with this innovative speed machine. Much lighter weight than a traditional Harley and with a more limited range, it may not be the best machine for a trip across the country. However, for those who enjoy the sensation of a fast vehicle with a top speed of 110 mph and are looking toward a sustainable way to travel, this fits the bill. 

Asbestos Contamination Cited in Makeup Recall 

Twice in the past three months, asbestos contamination has been the cause of a recall by Claire’s, the makeup company. The company markets beauty products for young girls. Asbestos exposure is a proven cause of mesothelioma, a cancer that can attack the lungs, heart, or abdomen. The Food and Drug Administration confirmed in March that the independent testing of product samples from Claire’s showed that the products were contaminated. Asbestos is a mineral that occurs naturally near talc, which is an ingredient commonly used in makeup. Talc itself has been implicated in ovarian and uterine cancer.

Challenging the Auto Industry in Defective Seat Back Cases

A defective seat back has the potential to cause catastrophic injuries to the vehicle’s occupants. Unfortunately, the auto industry appears to try to shirk responsibility at every turn. Nobody gets into a car expecting to be involved in a serious car accident. On the other hand, the vehicle’s occupants should expect the car to provide some degree of protection if an accident arises. This is where a defective seat back, and the consumer expectation test (CET), become critically important. Some of the key points that have been discussed include:

Opioid-Addicted Infants

The opioid epidemic is one of the most pressing issues facing this country today and, unfortunately, it even impacts newborn babies. According to a recent study that was published in the Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine earlier in 2019, babies who have been exposed to opioids suffer more pain than those who do not. Even though opioid medications are effective at treating pain, they do have a number of different side effects and their use must be cautioned during pregnancy. If a pregnant mother takes opioids, she could be exposing her unborn child to the medication as well. While protocols do exist for treating symptoms of pain in opioid-addicted infants, these babies might actually need more attention than was previously thought. The results of this study could signal that a paradigm shift is needed in the way that opioid use during pregnancy is handled.

Reduce Fatigue Before Driving

It is no secret that fatigue is a major contributor to fatal auto accidents across the nation. Being tired while behind the wheel can impact anyone, not just those who are driving long-distance or driving late at night. One important thing to consider is that driving itself isn’t what makes drivers tired; instead, what happens is drivers are likely already tired before they started driving. This is likely to occur due to a wide variety of factors, such as long work hours, not enough sleep, physically demanding activities, and so on.

Uber and Lyft: Bicyclists Experiencing Increase in Dooring Accidents

Dooring accidents that injure bicyclists are on the rise from a new source. Uber and Lyft, the popular ride services, are becoming part of the problem because they commonly pick up or drop off passengers along busy streets. By pulling over to pick up or let off a passenger, the vehicles encroach upon bicycle lanes. The ride shares themselves aren’t causing the dooring accidents. Their passengers are. However, it has become a big enough problem that both companies have seen the need to address both their drivers and their passengers.

Roundup™ Causes More Than Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

In the recent past, reports have linked Roundup™ to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The association of the herbicide and this form of cancer has been documented repeatedly. Yet, the use of glyphosate is linked to numerous other health issues. This is bad news for gardeners, farmers, groundskeepers, and homeowners. The number of disorders is large and varied. Let’s look at new research that examines the popular weed killer from this perspective.

The Healing Process After a Traumatic Brain Injury

The healing process after a traumatic brain injury can be prolonged. Because the neurons of the brain do not heal like other parts of the body, brain damage is often permanent. This means that the symptoms and complications that people develop following a blow to the head may persist for the rest of their life. Like other injuries, these complications and comorbidities will vary depending on the type of injury. A few types of traumatic brain injuries include: