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Acupuncture Beats Injected Morphine for Pain

A revolutionary study has been published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, which demonstrated that acupuncture was superior to injected morphine for pain management. Acupuncture is an ancient practice which involves placing needles into the skin at specific pressure points. While this practice originated in Asia, it is becoming more popular in the United States as a form of alternative pain management. On the other hand, morphine is an opioid medication that has been used extensively in the medical setting for acute pain management. There are also derivatives of morphine, such as MS Contin, which can be taken orally for outpatient pain management. A recent study published by a team of researchers compared the two pain management options.

September is Pain Awareness Month ~ Top 10 Alternative Pain Management Strategies

Hey, Sacramento. September is pain awareness month and this is a great opportunity to let us raise the public’s awareness regarding the scope of chronic pain, the opioid epidemic, and alternative pain management strategies. According to information that has been published by the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA) as well as the Institute of Medicine (IOM), chronic pain impacts more than 100 million people in the United States. Furthermore, this same report also showed that chronic pain costs the United States medical system more than $600 billion annually. Clearly, this is one of the most common reasons why people visit their doctor. The first-line treatment of chronic pain typically includes opioid medications.

The First Vaping Lawsuits Have Been Filed

The first vaping lawsuits have been filed as North Carolina has targeted Juul in addition to eight other e-cigarette companies. While many people think that vaping is a “healthy” alternative to cigarettes and other traditional tobacco products, e-cigarettes are far from healthy. Recently, there have been reports of people being hospitalized with mysterious symptoms that include respiratory distress and severe lung damage. In many cases, these symptoms are life-threatening.

Rideshare Drivers Pushing for AB5 to Pass

Hundreds of rideshare drivers from throughout California are converging on the steps of the State Capitol today to advocate for the passage of California State Assembly Bill 5 (AB5). The bill would classify independent contractors as full-time employees.

Red Light Cameras in Sacramento County Under New Contract

The red light cameras at 23 intersections have not been operational in Sacramento County since January. This is due to a contractual problem between the county and Conduent, a digital platform company that operates the city’s red light cameras. The issue was Conduent’s failure to acquire the necessary permits. Negotiations between the company and the county ensued, but in May, the county ended their relationship with Conduent. A new contract with another company is set to begin soon, restoring the operation of the cameras.

Did Bayer Offer an $8 Billion Roundup™ Settlement?

On Friday, August 9, it was reported that Bayer offered to settle Roundup™ cases for $8 billion. This news was beneficial for Bayer’s corporate bottom line after a stock market rally on the same day sent the price of shares edging up by 11 percent. It was good news for the company since shares have fallen since the Bayer takeover of Monsanto 14 months ago. The supposed settlement involved roughly 18,000 claims against the company’s herbicide in the United States. Plaintiffs’ lawyers asked for a larger settlement at about $10 billion dollars. When queried about whether the company had anything to say about the settlement, Bayer remained ominously quiet. A Bayer representative, Tino Andresen, refused to comment. A mediator assigned by the courts to work out a settlement, Ken Feinberg, said that the report of a settlement was fiction. 

Woodland Reggae Festival Scheduled

Woodland is where the exciting One Love One Heart Reggae Festival is being held on the weekend of August 31 and September 1 at the Yolo County Fairgrounds at 1250 Gum Avenue. More than 10,000 people attend this annual event, and it is one festival you don’t want to miss. The festival is dedicated to promoting love and unity through music. This is the 10th year in a row the festival is being held, which attests to its popularity and the great music acts that appear. Because this is the 10th anniversary, general and VIP admission will be offered at special prices for one day. 

Drunk Drivers Targeted in Northern California 

Law enforcement in the area has teamed up with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to look for drunk drivers on Saturday, August 24 in Sacramento. The event, called “Saturation Saturday” will include those who have been victimized by incidents that involved impaired drivers. Last year, according to statistics supplied by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), around 60,000 people were placed under arrest in 2018 in the state of California. Hopes by MADD are that their teaming up with law enforcement can halve that number.

Comparing Electric Scooter Rentals in Sacramento

The Jump electric scooter has been around for a while in Sacramento. Starting at the end of July, the company had new competition when Lime, based in San Francisco, introduced 250 of their own scooters in the Sacramento area. So which one do you rent? Knowing the difference between Jump and Lime electric scooters may help you decide which one to go for the next time you choose to take one for a spin.