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Stryker Hip Implants Cause Multiple Problems

Twenty thousand Stryker hip implants were recalled due to the potential for metallosis in July 2012. This condition refers to the accumulation of metal in the body’s soft tissues. It represents one of the greatest risks for the recipients of hip implants. Small pieces of metal are lost from the device, leeching metal into the surrounding tissues. Eventually, the metal can even move into the bloodstream, causing a range of serious injuries. Let’s look at some of the signs, symptoms, and complications this causes.

Sacramento Aggressive Drivers

Sacramento aggressive drivers may be a problem, according to data compiled by GasBuddy. The company used its Drives feature to look at 30 U.S. metropolitan areas and discovered that four cities in California ranked among the top 10 for problems with aggressive driving. Sacramento was listed as the third city in the nation for aggressive drivers. Los Angeles took the number one spot, while San Francisco came in fifth and the sixth place was taken by San Diego.

New Roundup™ Case in San Francisco Federal Court

A new Roundup case began on February 25, 2019, in a San Francisco federal court. It is the first case against Monsanto/Bayer to be heard at the federal level and involved a 70-year-old Santa Rosa man who developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after using the pesticide. The new Roundup case is seen as a test for bigger litigation in the future. There are upwards of 9,000 cases currently waiting to go to trial, and 760 of them are grouped in the San Francisco federal courts. The jurors will not be given all the evidence at the start as they were in the Dewayne Johnson trial in 2018. Judge Chhabria, who is hearing the case, said that the evidence may be a distraction in the initial phase. If this phase is decided in the plaintiff’s favor, the evidence will be heard in Phase 2.

Emotional Distress after a Traumatic Brain Injury

A study was published on the emotional distress and personality changes that people go through after a traumatic brain injury. A team of researchers published their findings in Brain Injury after following several dozen individuals who were involved in an auto accident and were subsequently diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. The researchers followed these individuals after their accident and diagnosis, looking for signs of emotional distress and personality changes. They found that more than 90 percent of the individuals suffered some form of psychiatric disorder. Some of the many different mental problems that they identified included:

Apple Continues to Escape From Distracted Driving Lawsuits 

Ashley M. Kubiak was checking messages on her iPhone when she rammed her Dodge pickup truck into an SUV being driven by a 63-year-old woman from Henderson in Rusk County, Texas. This incident occurred on April 30th, 2013. The driver and one passenger of the SUV were pronounced dead at the scene while 7-year-old Sammy Meador, who was riding in the back of the SUV, was left paralyzed.

Recovering After a Concussion

A recent study was published on the recovery time following a concussion, and the numbers might surprise some people. When individuals and families discuss traumatic brain injuries, they often talk about strokes, brain bleeds, and skull fractures; however, even a concussion is classified as a TBI. A traumatic brain injury is any blow to the head that causes a change in the brain’s function from its baseline. This means that a significant number of brain injuries might go undetected. These fears and worries were echoed by figures that were recently published by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, one of the leading academic medical centers in the world. Their numbers showed that:

Roundup™ Free Foods Appear on Shelves

While over 11,000 Roundup™ cancer lawsuits are being filed against Monsanto, we thought we’d take this opportunity to explore Roundup free foods and look at the amount consumed every day in food and drinks. Recent reports citing the presence of Roundup in breakfast cereals, beer and wine attest to the reality that, for most of us, Roundup is an ever-present factor in our diets. Consumers are faced with a difficult decision when shopping since most packaged products from Cheerios to beer contain a fair amount of Roundup. Large lawsuits such as the DeWayne Johnson case, which ended in an award of $289 million for the groundskeeper in California who developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after using Roundup are a testament to the need for consumers to trust their own intuition.

Warning of the Dangers of Buckyballs

Parents of small children should beware of a hazardous desktop toy called Buckyballs, which are tiny magnetic balls made from a rare earth element called neodymium. If children accidentally swallow the balls, the powerful magnets can become attached to one another inside the intestines or stomach walls, causing serious injuries or even death.

Link Between Roundup™ and Cancer Upgraded

A new study by the University of Washington underscores the link between Roundup™ and cancer. The study emphasizes that exposure to Roundup™ increases the cancer risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma by 41 percent. The study used a large scale meta-analysis to look at the problem. This involves looking at all previous studies to formulate a conclusion. By doing this, the researchers found that the link between glyphosate and cancer was much higher than previously thought. The study was published in the journal Mutation Research in the February 1 issue. Let’s look at the new research and Bayer’s response to the analysis.

Fluoroquinolones Can Lead to Aortic Rupture

Antibiotics are one of the miracles of modern medicine and Fluoroquinolones are one of the most commonly used antibiotics. However, a recent study showed that this class of antibacterials can increase the risk of aortic damage and rupture. Previous studies have also demonstrated that fluoroquinolones which can lead to other side effects include: