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June 05, 2023
Edward Smith

Two Cap City Freeway Traffic Accidents Occur Simultaneously

Two traffic accidents occurred in West Sacramento on June 3 on the Cap City Freeway at about the same time. The collisions occurred around 10:49 a.m. just east of the exit for the Harbor Boulevard off-ramp. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), a white pickup crashed into the right-hand wall and sustained a broken tire east of the exit in the first collision. 

Second of Two Traffic Accidents Involves Four Vehicles

Four vehicles were involved in the second accident near the split; a black pickup, Toyota Camry and two other cars. The second crash was also a hit-and-run, with injuries reported to one person. Debris was strewn across the lanes, and medics with the Yolo County Fire Department arrived at the scene to assess injuries. Investigators with the CHP traffic collision unit are determining fault in the traffic crashes and discovering how they occurred.

Traffic Accidents and Determining Liability

In simple accidents, it can be reasonably straightforward to identify the responsible driver or entity. A person injured in an accident may be able to recover compensation if they provide sufficient evidence. A variety of factors can contribute to multiple-vehicle traffic accidents resulting in injuries.

Multiple Drivers Might Have Contributed to the Accident

In a multiple-vehicle crash, more than one negligent driver can be involved, which is often the case. One driver may have been tailgating, another might have been speeding, and a third might have been distracted by their cell phone. When an accident occurs, an injury lawyer can investigate it to hold all responsible parties liable. Those at fault should be held accountable when injured people pay high medical bills, cannot work, and suffer from trauma. 

Traffic Collisions and Injury Claim Evidence

The other driver or entity must be shown negligent to recover compensation after an accident injury. To collect that evidence, injury attorneys examine areas such as:

  • Reconstructing an accident shows how it occurred, often revealing who was at fault.
  • When interviewing witnesses, it is not only possible to verify how the multiple-vehicle accident occurred but also to determine in what order the injured person’s vehicle was struck.
  • Checking over the police report involves looking for errors that might affect a client’s ability to place a claim.
  • Investigating whether the multiple-vehicle crash was recorded on surveillance cameras is essential because traffic crashes are often captured on tape.

When a Hit-and-Run Driver Is Involved

Our office has had good success in locating a hit-and-run driver due to our resources and investigative techniques. However, if the fleeing driver isn’t located, the injured person has the option of using their uninsured/underinsured auto policy to pay for injuries. If they don’t have this optional auto insurance but a family member carries it, theirs can be used instead. The future insurance rates are not affected.

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