8 Safety Tips for the Novice Motorcycle Rider

8 Safety Tips for the Novice Motorcycle Rider

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento motorcycle accident attorney. A novice motorcycle rider must use extreme safety when riding a motorcycle while still learning. Follow these eight safety tips to ensure a safe ride on your new motorcycle.

8 Safety Tips for the Novice Rider

Never Buy More Than You Can Handle

A motorcycle can be hard to handle, especially for those riding for the first time. One of the most important tips to follow is to never buy more than you can handle. Prior to finalizing a purchase be sure to sit on the bike. Both of your feet should rest flat on the ground when sitting on the motorcycle without having to be on your tiptoes. You should easily be able to reach all of the controls and the handlebars too. If the bike feels too heavy when getting on and off it, it’s likely too heavy for you to handle. Too much weight can lead to an accident with injuries for a novice motorcycle rider.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice makes perfect and this is vital to your safety on the roads of Sacramento. All new riders should attend a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course close to your home. This course teaches riders all about motorcycle safety, including emergency evasive maneuvers, should you ever need them to avoid a motorcycle accident. This course ranges from free to $350 and in some instances can even lead to a discount on your insurance policy.

Demand Antilock Brakes

Almost every new model motorcycle has the option for antilock brakes. These brakes have been proven to save lives and reduce brain injuries. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), motorcycles with antilock brakes installed were 37 percent less likely to be involved in a fatal motorcycle accident compared to motorcycles without antilock brakes.

Always Wear a Helmet

Using your head when riding a motorcycle can save your life and prevent traumatic injuries. Our Sacramento motorcycle accident attorneys know all too well how important helmets are when operating a bike. The state of California requires all motorcycle operators and riders to wear a helmet when the bike is in operation. To add extra protection, a Department of Transportation-approved full-face helmet is the best safety option for a novice motorcycle rider.

Watch this video – What if I wasn’t wearing a helmet:

Learn to be a Defensive Driver

Defensive driving is not just a smart tactic for those driving cars or trucks. It is a measure that can save your life on a motorcycle or prevent shoulder dislocation. A novice motorcycle rider should come to the realization that other motorists will not see them on the roads of Sacramento. Do not tailgate and do everything possible to be seen by other motorists. This includes leaving enough space between your bike and vehicles, not operating in the blind spots of other drivers and wearing proper attire (see below).

Dress Appropriately

A novice motorcycle rider might want to don the “motorcycle look;” a leather jacket, jeans, and boots, but there is safer gear available. Even though many motorcycle riders wear this clothing, it is not the safest. Always wear clothes that cover your arms and legs, close-toed shoes, and reflective gear. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a reflective vest when on your motorcycle. It will help you be seen by other motorists and reduce your chances of suffering head and brain injuries in a serious Sacramento motorcycle accident.

Don’t Ride in Bad Weather

Bad weather can be a detriment to your safety. Bad weather, such as rain, high winds, or snow, should be avoided at all costs. It’s understandable if you get caught in a pop-up storm, but you shouldn’t purposely ride in bad weather. It’s easier for bikes to skid on wet roads than cars, especially if there are leaves on the roads.

Avoid Road Hazards

You need to pay even more attention when riding on a motorcycle than in a car. You cannot afford to hit any potholes with your bike as the jolt could send you flying off it. If there is no way for you to avoid a bump or pothole in the road, slow down as you approach in order to lessen the jolt and avoid an accident that can lead to a fractured skull.

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