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Bony Injuries in Chest Trauma
Blunt Chest Trauma Can Cause Bone Injuries

The bones are the most likely structures to be injured after blunt chest trauma.  They are on the outside of the chest cavity and generally protect the underlying structures.  The bones that are likely to be injured include those discussed here.

There is a high incidence of crashes at intersections, which represent areas where two or more roads intersect with one another. Cars must do things like cross over the intersection, make left turns and make right turns. Any one of these activities can mix with another vehicle or vehicles at the intersection, resulting in an accident.

Many accidents are the result of an illegal turn at an intersection. This is true of intersections controlled by stop lights and intersections minimally controlled. One study looked at the characteristics of traffic accidents at intersections, looking at different factors such as driver’s age, gender, weather conditions, traffic control devices and critical pre-crash events.

Our hearts go out to the parents and relatives of the High School students tragically killed and seriously injured in a Federal Express vs Tour Bus Accident near Orland on Thursday, April 10th.

The accident occurred when a tour bus was transporting the students from Southern California to Arcata to tour Humboldt State University.

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