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April 11, 2014
Edward Smith

Our hearts go out to the parents and relatives of the High School students tragically killed and seriously injured in a Federal Express vs Tour Bus Accident near Orland on Thursday, April 10th.

The accident occurred when a tour bus was transporting the students from Southern California to Arcata to tour Humboldt State University.

Details are sketchy but it appears the Fed Express truck crossed the grassy center divider and slammed into the bus.

Fed Ex has over 280,000 employees and an enormous fleet of “18 wheeler trucks”
Fed Ex is a leading small package carrier and overnite delivery company. FedEx Drivers get compensated for making ontime delivery and are often in a hurry to get to the next stop,.

Any commercial truck driver in a hurry is necessarily a threat to public safety.

Its unknown at this point what led to the accident, but often factors involved include:

-Vehicle Equipment Failure, including brakes.
-Driver Fatigue or inexperience
-Poorly Loaded Trucks.

In all Trucking Cases, trucking companies immediately have teams investigating and on the scene and it is critical for families of the injured to have a representative who can get an investigator timely to the scene as well.

In a case like this the California Highway Patrol MAIT team will also make an extensive inquiry into causation,
The Edward A Smith Law Offices has extensive experience in representing families and individuals suffering severe injuries or death in trucking accidents.