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Foresthill Head-On Collision

I’m Ed Smith, an Auburn personal injury attorney. A Foresthill woman was driving along Foresthill Road in Foresthill during the late morning hours of Sunday, February 26, 2017. The woman was on her way to her sister’s birthday celebration. The woman’s commute was cut short when a wrong-way driver crashed into her vehicle head-on.

highway 49 accident 2016
I’m Ed Smith, an Auburn auto accident attorney. Two teenage males were traveling along Highway 49 on the afternoon of Thursday, December 15, 2016. Sadly, the commute for the two best friends turned into a fatal tragedy.

What Happened?

Fun Things To Do Around Auburn, CA

Fun Things To Do Around Auburn, CA

I’m Ed Smith, an Auburn, CA Auto Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer. If you’ve never visited Auburn you are missing out.  With all the places to visit, activities to do, and fun to experience, you’re gonna have a great time in Auburn, California.