Auburn Community Event

Auburn Community Events

Auburn Community Event

I’m Ed Smith, an Auburn personal injury lawyer. I love watching a good movie. My staff enjoys catching a good flick as well.

This is an Auburn community event for March 3, 2016, in Auburn, California.

Mad Max – Fury Road 

The Cinema at the State is pleased to present the showing of Mad Max – Fury Road.  This electrifying movie was nominated for ten Academy Awards. It won six of those awards and pretty much dominated Oscar night 2016!

Fury Road transports moviegoers to familiar topography of bleak desert landscapes. Everyone is fighting to survive. Max is a survivor. He is living on the fringes of this world. He is trying to survive. He becomes captured and is tortured by the land’s inhabitants. Furiosa is a woman on the run. She may be Max’s key to survival. However, many enemies stand in their way! Furiosa is an amazing character. She is trying to find her childhood home. Additionally, she is trying to free many women from an evil ruler.

Mad Max – Fury Road promises to keep you munching on your popcorn and close to your seat edge. This movie is packed with action. Sit back and observe car, truck and motorcycle chases, explosions, crashes, and collisions. Did I mention the flame-throwing guitar?

Ready to Buy Your Ticket?

Showtime: 7-9 pm – March 3, 2016

State Theater

985 Lincoln Wy

Auburn, California

(530) 885-0156

Movie Cost: $8

Visit Website:

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