Single-Vehicle Accident in Auburn Occurs When Driver Strikes a Tree

Accident on Sylvan Vista Drive May Have Involved Drunk Driving

A single-vehicle accident in Auburn on January 8 caused injuries to the driver when his vehicle struck a tree. The accident happened along Sylvan Vista Drive between Sierra Sunrise Way and Sylvan Glen Place around 7:12 in the morning. The report filed by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said that the male driver of a Chevy Blazer struck the tree and was found sitting in his vehicle. 

Investigation Ongoing Into Cause of Single-Vehicle Accident

Medics with the Auburn City Fire Department were called to the scene and determined that the driver had suffered minor injuries. However, the driver was suspected of driving under the influence and placed under arrest. The accident investigation is ongoing. 

Nature of a Single-Vehicle Accident

As the name implies, a single passenger car or truck accident involves only one vehicle. Frequently, this is seen when a car runs off the road and hits a solid object such as a guardrail or a tree. Other instances are when a vehicle hits road debris, fallen rocks, an animal or when the driver loses control and rolls over. Most of the time, the occupants of the single-vehicle are the only ones injured. However, in some cases, a bicyclist, a pedestrian or a bystander are also hurt. 

Common Reasons for Single-Vehicle Accidents

The majority of single-vehicle accidents are due to driver error. This includes motor vehicle operators who are under the influence of alcohol and drugs, drivers who are too fatigued to drive safely and excessive speed. However, sometimes, the operator of the vehicle is not to blame, such as: 

  • Inclement weather: When a driver faces slippery or iced roads, they are more likely to lose control of the vehicle and run off the road. Speed is often a factor in this type of accident.
  • Poor road drainage: This can lead to a single-vehicle accident because it interferes with tire traction.
  • Curves: Inadequate banking and failure to warn of an upcoming curve can lead to a crash. Also, failure to post decreased speed limits approaching a curve leads to loss of vehicle control when in the curve. 
  • Narrow lanes: Some lanes are too narrow to handle the increasing traffic seen today. In addition, road shoulders may also be too narrow to allow a vehicle moving over to be safely accommodated.
  • Defective auto parts: Brake and tire failure can cause a single-vehicle accident. So can steering defects.
  • Road debris: Many times, objects fall from delivery trucks and are left on the road. The trucker, in this instance, is responsible for picking up the item, and when this obligation is not met, he or she can be liable for any accident that ensues. 
  • Road maintenance: Failure to fix potholes, pick up road debris within a proper time limit, ensure that traffic signals are working and keep foliage cut back to allow for better visibility are all jobs performed by those in charge of road maintenance. If these tasks are not performed, someone injured in a single-vehicle accident can file a lawsuit against the government agency. The time limit to do this is different from other personal injury lawsuits. Your car accident lawyer will ensure that all documents are filed in a timely fashion. 
  • Hit-and-run drivers: If a fleeing driver caused your single-vehicle accident and fled the scene, it is important to prove that this is the causative agent. An experienced attorney has the tools and knowledge to do this.

How an Attorney Can Help

At, we do not take a single-vehicle accident lightly. Instead, we believe that all accidents have a reason for happening, and we send our investigators to determine what happened for each and every client. They use accident reconstruction techniques to determine liability and obtain surveillance footage that will show the crash in real-time. We also check for lack of roadway maintenance and defective auto parts as well as hit-and-run drivers. Once all the evidence is gathered, our injury lawyers use it to build a strong case for our clients.

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