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Arden Arcade Pedestrian Injury

An Arden Arcade pedestrian injury occurred on February 11 in the late afternoon along eastbound El Camino Avenue. According to the California Highway Patrol, the accident happened at about 6:00 p.m. just east of Fulton Avenue in the left turn lane of El Camino Avenue and blocked the eastbound lanes. The pedestrian, who was struck by a motor vehicle, was down in the turn lane, and emergency personnel with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived to assess that person’s condition. It was reported that the pedestrian was an adult male from 35 to 40 years old and that he was conscious and speaking with responders at the accident site. The CHP reported that an ambulance was summoned to transport the pedestrian to a nearby hospital for further evaluation and care.

Arden Arcade Injury Accident on Marconi Avenue

An Arden Arcade injury accident occurred on February 8 along Marconi Avenue just west of Avalon Drive. It happened shortly before 10:00 in the morning and involved a Dodge Avenger and Lincoln sedan. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), one lane was blocked on the eastbound side of the street as well as the westbound side. Emergency personnel with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived to assess reported injuries suffered in the crash. An ambulance was summoned for at least one individual. However, the extent of the injuries was not indicated. The roadway was cleared for passing traffic a short time later.

Arden Arcade Injury in Intersection Accident

An Arden Arcade injury occurred on January 31 when two vehicles collided at El Camino Avenue and Bell Street. The accident happened around 10:14 in the morning when a pickup and minivan crashed together. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that a minor, who was riding in one of the vehicles, suffered injuries in the accident. That minor was taken to Mercy General Hospital for evaluation and treatment. The accident is under investigation by the CHP to determine how it happened and assess fault.

Arden Arcade Motorcycle Crash on Hurley Way 

An Arden Arcade motorcycle crash on January 23 ended up in the hospitalization of the rider. The accident happened shortly after 5:00 in the afternoon at Hurley Way, east of Fulton Avenue between the motorcyclist and a Toyota Rav4. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), a tow truck was required to remove the bike. The rider was found sitting on the right-hand side of the road. He was transported to UC Davis Medical Center for treatment and evaluation. It is unknown whether drugs or alcohol played a part in the collision.

Arden Arcade Motorcyclist Injury

An Arden Arcade motorcyclist injury happened on January 11 at Pasadena and Cypress Avenues, near Gibbons Community Park. The collision occurred between the cyclist and a motor vehicle around 12:40 in the afternoon. The motorcycle rider was reported to have sustained moderate injuries caused by the crash and was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital. He was later reported as being in stable condition. However, no further details were forthcoming.

Staying Safe During Winter Weather

Staying Safe During Winter Weather

I’m Ed Smith, an Arden-Arcade Injury Lawyer. Most of us are well aware that the winter season is one of the most hazardous times to get behind the wheel. Since winter is a time of excessive snow, ice, hail, rain, and blizzards, the risk of a weather-related accident during the winter can be higher than any other season.


What Should I Do After Witnessing a Car Accident

I’m Ed Smith, an Arden-Arcade Injury Lawyer. We are all used to seeing auto accidents portrayed in movies, tv shows, and video games. However, most people have likely never taken the time to consider what they would do after witnessing an accident in real life. If you are a witness to an accident, you have a responsibility to pull off to the side of the road and make a call to the police or 911. As a good Samaritan,  you also have the duty to help out the victims but not at the expense of getting killed yourself.


CA Driving Test Tips

I’m Ed Smith, an Arden-Arcade Injury Lawyer. Receiving your driver’s license for the first time is a big milestone! It is almost as exciting as getting your first car. Passing your driving test opens the door to more independence and sure gives your parents more freedom. No more asking your folks or older sibling for a ride. Learn more about how to ace that driving test below.

File:Children Hanging Christmas Stockings.jpg
Preventing Holiday Fires

We love to hang the stockings by the chimney with care. But let’s be mindful that they don’t go up in flames. I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer. It is heart-breaking when we learn of fires occurring in our community. The home is a place where sweet memories are made with those we hold so dear. There have been three home fires resulting in death in a little over one week. Heating equipment is one of the leading causes of fires that occur in homes. Nearly two-thirds of home heating fatalities are caused by portable space heating units.  We must be so careful with these devices. Equally important, is to become fire safe while decorating for the holidays.

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