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GM Issues Recall on Chevrolet Bolt

Owners of certain 2017-2019 Chevrolet Bolts are being warned to park their vehicles outside and away from their houses until they are able to take the car in for repair.  The recall is for a risk of fire in the vehicle, even when it is unoccupied and parked.

Evaluating Product Warnings

Evaluating product warnings is an important part of maintaining consumer safety. Companies are taken to task when product manufacturing, design or warnings are inadequate. It is essential to evaluate the product warning thoroughly prior to filing a claim against the manufacturer if a client was injured. Inadequate product warnings have many forms, so it is important to retain an experienced attorney with the resources to obtain effective expert counsel. Let’s look at some of the criteria an attorney can use in evaluating product warnings.


French Media Blogger Dies After Using Defective Whipped Cream Product

My name is Ed Smith and I’m a Sacramento products liability attorney. Our firm often learns about manufacturers’ defective products when clients contact us to report serious injuries. We also keep up with product recalls and breaking news stories like the recent one involving France’s 33-year-old lifestyle and fitness blogger Rebecca Burger. She died shortly after using a canned product that exploded.

Are You Using A Tree Harness?

Snap-hook and V-rings are parts used in tree harnesses commonly purchased by hunters to obtain optimal hunting shots from way up high in a tree.  Product liability issues may arise when these parts are defective and dangerous.  Some falls may be minor, moderate or may even result in a wrongful death.

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