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Are You Using A Tree Harness?

Snap-hook and V-rings are parts used in tree harnesses commonly purchased by hunters to obtain optimal hunting shots from way up high in a tree.  Product liability issues may arise when these parts are defective and dangerous.  Some falls may be minor, moderate or may even result in a wrongful death.

If any of us have been to a resort or beach location, we can’t help but feel drawn to watch or participate in parasailing.  For most participants, parasailing is a once in a lifetime event that remains a cherished happy memory.  Sadly, for hundreds of people each year parasailing has resulted in accidents causing severe injury, trauma and even death. Parasailing injuries tend to include traumatic brain injury, contusions, and broken bones.

Surprisingly parasailing safety standards, even in the United States, are not well regulated.  Parasailing safety standards abroad are nearly non-existent.  Additionally, regulations regarding the equipment and/or the paragliding operators  remain largely unregulated.  This had led to each parasailing business operator to set up their own standards of safety.

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