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GM’s Cost-Cutting Measures Could Make Vehicles Less Safe

General Motors (GM) has announced in recent months that it plans to cut production and reduce its workforce in North America in the wake of a stagnating market for certain gas-powered cars. The company has planned for its largest restructuring exercise in a decade. This is a car company that has been mismanaged for decades which dared to fly their private jet to DC in the early part of this century and ask for a bailout which they received.

Slipped Cap Femoral Epiphysis After a Car Accident

There are many different reasons why people might suffer from pain in the hip. These include congenital abnormalities related to the hip, infections of the joint itself, and traumatic injuries. Furthermore, pain in the hip can indicate more than one type of injury, including a slipped cap femoral epiphysis (SCFE). Therefore, it is essential for everyone to understand a few basic pointers about hip pain.

Avascular Necrosis of the Hand Following an Auto Accident

Car accidents happen for many different reasons which could lead to serious injuries or even death. One of the reasons why motor vehicle accidents might occur is due to drunk driving. Some of the statistics on drunk driving that have been published by Backtrack include:

Anterior Cord Syndrome Following an Auto Accident

If somebody is involved in a severe car accident, there are major injuries that he or she might sustain. Some of the most common injuries that are seen in a motor vehicle collision include bone fractures, organ damage, lacerations, and even traumatic brain injuries. In some cases, these injuries can have permanent complications. This is the case for individuals who suffer a spinal cord injury. Every year, thousands of people experience an injury to their spine, and many of them have to live with lifelong consequences. Some of the statistics related to spinal cord injuries that have been recently published by the University of Alabama at Birmingham include:

The Future of Driverless Vehicles

Autonomous or driverless vehicles are considered the safest way to travel today. However, even the most reliable methods of transportation can become dangerous in certain conditions. While eliminating human error as a collision factor may reduce traffic injuries and fatalities, that is not always true in most cases. Taking the human element out of driving can potentially increase the chances of an auto accident for situations that require critical thinking and swift reaction time, not computation.

Flail Chest is a Major Auto Accident Trauma

Car accidents are something that almost everyone hears about on the radio, television, or from other news sources. These stories should push people to do more to increase safety on the roads; however, too often, people become numb to the stories of motor vehicle accidents. It is important for everyone to keep in mind that people can be seriously injured or killed in an auto accident. Some of the statistics that were recently published in an article in the USA Today show that:

Common Traffic Violations That Cause Auto Accidents

Common Traffic Violations That Cause Auto Accidents

Common Traffic Violations That Cause Auto Accidents – An auto accident can happen at any time and in many different ways. However, in most cases, the cause of a crash is due to careless mistakes and errors that even good drivers can make. Obeying traffic laws can help prevent the possibility of a collision. Below are the five most common traffic violations that can cause an auto accident in Sacramento.

What to Pack in an Emergency Roadside Kit

What to Pack in an Emergency Roadside Kit

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Auto Accident Attorney. An emergency roadside kit is crucial to have in your vehicle whenever taking summer road trips, commuting to work, or venturing out on spontaneous excursions with friends and family. These kits can be extremely useful. They can be easily stowed away in your trunk and accessed whenever you find yourself in need. Knowing what essentials to pack in an emergency roadside kit is vital to securing the well-being of yourself and your loved ones.

Seat Belts, Airbags, and Facial Injuries

Seat Belts, Airbags, and Facial Injuries

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Auto Accident Attorney. Since the dawn of the automobile, numerous changes have been made to improve the safety of these vehicles that have made it easy to move from place to place quickly. Seat belts play an important role in keeping people safe in cars. They restrain drivers and passengers, preventing them from being ejected in the event of an auto accident or from colliding with the interior of a motor vehicle, which might result in traumatic injuries. Airbags have helped prevent catastrophic personal injuries as well. They cushion collisions that occur between the occupants and the steering wheel or dashboards. Furthermore, there are side curtain airbags and even knee airbags that have reduced injuries as well. However, these safety devices can also cause injuries. Some of these include: