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Headlight Problems Can Lead to a Serious Auto Accident

An auto accident can happen at any time, and researchers have recently found that headlight problems might be a contributing factor. When a driver is making their way through the streets of San Francisco, the streets are well-lit. This can cause some drivers to question the need for their headlights at all. One the other hand, when people reach the suburbs and rural areas, they will quickly realize just how dangerous the darkness can be. Headlight problems on these roads can significantly increase the risk of an auto accident.

Rancho Murieta Accident Causes Major Injuries

A head-on crash on November 17 caused major injuries to one person when his vehicle was struck by another near Rancho Murieta. The accident happened along Scott Road, two miles north of the Boys Ranch, a few minutes before 8:00 in the evening, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The collision occurred between a BMW and Toyota 4Runner. It was the wife of the injured man who called in to report the accident. She said her husband was involved and that her son was also in the vehicle. The driver who allegedly caused the collision said that he was traveling north along Scott Road and didn’t know about the curves in the road when the head-on collision occurred. The CHP is charged with investigating the accident to determine how it happened.

Hit and Run Accident Injures Motorist in Florin 

On November 3, a hit and run accident caused injuries to the occupant of a vehicle along Gerber Road in the Florin area of Sacramento. The accident happened just after 4:00 in the afternoon at the Gerber Road intersection with Power Inn Road, according to a report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The individual who reported the accident said they stopped to assist a person in a Kia Optima, who had been injured in the crash. Emergency responders arrived to assess the injured individual, and a tow truck was called to remove the vehicle. A felony hit and run in the incident was reported. The CHP is handling the investigation into the crash. 

Community Events in Sacramento

Sacramento has rightfully earned its status as one of California’s great cities with its stunning landscapes and vibrant art community. Also known as the most “hipster city” in the state, Sacramento is a must-visit if you consider yourself a connoisseur of nature, culture, and food. And don’t forget to check out the upcoming community events while you are in town!

Caltrans Project Making Changes to Interstate 5

Changes are coming to the Interstate 5 corridor between Elk Grove and the downtown area of Sacramento through the latest Caltrans project. The planned improvements may save time for drivers and make travel safer. The enhancement project making improvements to this corridor is from the American River Bridge to about a mile south of Elk Grove Boulevard. The project is slated to cost $370 million and should be completed in December 2020. While improvements to our roadways are always welcome, it unfortunately increases the risk of a traffic collision. If this happens and negligence was the cause, consulting with an experienced injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you need for your injuries.

Ford Fiesta Sales Continued Despite Known Defects

The transmissions in Ford Fiesta and Focus vehicles sold after 2010 were known to be defective before production began. Yet, the company introduced its new transmission to the public. Owners complained that the transmission moved into neutral when gears shifted, and the shifting was described as jerky. The defective transmissions also caused the vehicles to bolt into cross streets after stopping and lose their power at highway speeds. Despite evidence to the contrary, Ford has defended its position on the car’s safety and continued selling the cars without major changes, leading to numerous complaints and lawsuits. 

Lung Paralysis in an Auto Accident

Lung paralysis can take place in an auto accident and could be a life-threatening injury if not treated quickly. The lungs are one of the body’s vital organs. They take in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. This oxygen is used to power the various cellular functions throughout the entire body. When the lungs expand, the pressure inside of them drops. Air moves into the lungs because of this low pressure. For the lungs to expand, the diaphragm on each side needs to drop. This movement is powered by the phrenic nerve. Some of the ways that the phrenic nerve might be damaged include:

Vision Changes After an Auto Accident

Vision changes after an auto accident are a severe problem that can have permanent impacts on someone’s quality of life. A traumatic accident can remove someone’s ability to see in the blink of an eye. Some of the possible mechanisms of visual changes in motor vehicle collisions include:

UCL Injury in an Auto Accident

One of the most important ligaments in the elbow is called the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL), which can be injured in an auto accident. The UCL plays a key role in the structure and function of the elbow. The elbow is a hinge joint and provides the forearm with a wide range of motion. This range of motion provides the elbow with a great degree of flexibility to perform a variety of tasks. The UCL has several important functions when it comes to the movement of the elbow. These include:

GM’s Cost-Cutting Measures Could Make Vehicles Less Safe

General Motors (GM) has announced in recent months that it plans to cut production and reduce its workforce in North America in the wake of a stagnating market for certain gas-powered cars. The company has planned for its largest restructuring exercise in a decade. This is a car company that has been mismanaged for decades which dared to fly their private jet to DC in the early part of this century and ask for a bailout which they received.

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