Carmichael Two-Vehicle Crash at Intersection

Walnut Avenue Intersection Two-Vehicle Crash Causes Injury

A two-vehicle crash in Carmichael on March 31 left one person injured. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported the accident as happening around 1:00 p.m. in the left turn lane of the intersection of Walnut and El Camino avenues between a Lexus and another sedan. The accident blocked the left turn lane. When Sac Fire first responders arrived, one person was determined to have a minor injury. The two-vehicle crash is under investigation by the CHP to find out how it happened and to determine fault.

When Minor Injuries Turn Out to Be More Serious

Injuries that appear to be minor may end up being more serious and result in high medical bills and time off work as well as hospitalization or surgery. When a two-vehicle crash or other collision occurs, the human body is flushed with adrenaline, which can mask symptoms that might arise anywhere from a day later to several weeks or months in the future. This is one of the reasons it is important to seek medical attention after any traffic collision, even if you think you weren’t hurt. 

By letting yourself be checked out by a physician or at the local emergency room, you can establish that you were in an accident. Hopefully, nothing will come of it, but if it turns out you did suffer a serious injury, seeing a physician initially helps you establish a claim for compensation.

Two-Vehicle Crash Injuries That Are Late-Bloomers

Some injuries are more likely to manifest late symptoms. One that is well-known for this is cervical strain or sprain. This injury occurs when the person’s head transitions back and forth rapidly in a whip-like motion. When this happens, the brain can hit the jagged interior surface of the skull, causing headaches. Neck muscles are also affected. If the brain hits the interior skull too hard, a concussion can occur. Whiplash is commonly seen in rear-end accidents. 

Other injuries that do not appear immediately after a two-vehicle crash include back and soft-tissue injury. Back injuries are often due to vertebral herniation, where the soft gel between the vertebrae oozes out and no longer provides a cushion for the adjacent bones. When one vertebra rubs against another, spinal nerves can be impinged, causing pain and functional problems. Additionally, soft tissue injury may take time to manifest and result in soreness. 

How Late Symptoms Affect a Two-Vehicle Crash Claim

Your insurer will do everything they can to save money. This includes offering a low-ball settlement after an accident. The company understands that you may be out of work and trying to pay bills. In short, they take advantage of your fears. If late symptoms occur, it may happen after you accept the settlement. The problem here is that if this happens and you need medical treatment, you are on your own. Once you sign their waiver, you are unable to ask for any more money to cover medical or surgical bills due to the accident. Your personal injury lawyer will ensure that this does not happen. 

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