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Traffic Incident at Watt and Marconi Avenues Causes Injury

Traffic Accident at Watt and Marconi Avenues Causes Injury 

A two-vehicle intersection crash in Sacramento the afternoon of September 13 injured one person. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported the crash as occurring around 4:48 in the afternoon at the intersection of Watt Avenue, where it crosses Marconi Avenue in the Arden-Arcade area. The accident is being investigated to determine how it occurred and to assign fault.

One Person Trapped in Vehicle in Intersection Crash

First responders with Sac Metro Fire arrived to discover one individual trapped inside their vehicle, who had to be extricated. One of the people involved in the intersection crash was transported to a nearby hospital with injuries. Police did not report whether alcohol or drug consumption was a factor in the crash.

Causes of an Intersection Crash

Accidents at intersections are one of the most common reasons for traffic injuries. Because intersections require a motorist to scan in all directions and traffic stops and starts, they are frequent locations for driver errors. In addition to watching the surrounding traffic, a motorist must also be cautious and look out for motorcyclists, bicycle riders, pedestrians and others. Some of the main reasons an intersection crash occurs are:

  • Running a stop sign or red light is one of the most common reasons for an intersection crash.
  • Speeding contributes to an intersection accident because the motorist may be going too fast to stop when the light suddenly changes.
  • Making a right turn against the light or without a clear view of oncoming traffic can lead to an intersection crash.
  • Making an illegal U-turn causes accidents.
  • Rear-end collisions at intersections occur when the driver to the rear is distracted, perhaps by texting or talking on a cell phone.
  • Making a left turn and misjudging the speed of oncoming vehicles can lead to an intersection crash.

Accident Investigation

Many people who are at-fault in a traffic collision don’t want to admit it. After all, their insurance rates could go up, they might be ticketed or fined and find points placed on their driving record. When a negligent driver injures someone, it is essential to enlist the help of an experienced lawyer to get the compensation you deserve to pay for your medical bills and other losses. Since 1982, I’ve assisted many Sacramento residents in obtaining the compensation they deserve.

Investigation of an Intersection Crash

When conducting an investigation, it is important to gather the evidence required to support a client’s compensation claim. Among other areas that are checked out, our investigators do the following:

  • The investigators look over the police report to ensure its accuracy and interview the witnesses to the intersection crash.
  • They examine the area to see if government negligence contributed to the accident. This can include overgrown foliage, obscured signs, poorly timed or functioning traffic signals and others.
  • Forensic reconstruction of the accident is performed. This reconstruction shows how the accident occurred, the positioning of the vehicles, and can point to who was at fault for the accident.
  • The investigators photograph the accident scene, including the vehicles, which is an essential part of the investigation.

The gathered evidence is then handed over to our lawyers, who can build it into a case supportive of our client’s claim for compensation. In many cases, it is used during negotiations on the client’s behalf with the insurance provider. Should the insurance company balk at paying what our client deserves, the case can be taken to civil court and placed in the hands of a jury. 

Auto Accident Attorneys in Sacramento

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