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December 07, 2023
Edward Smith

Injury Hit-and-Run Reported Near Clover Manor Way

An injury hit-and-run occurred in Sacramento on November 29 between two vehicles on Dewey Drive. The crash occurred between Clover Manor Way and Sampson Boulevard around 12:24 p.m. The accident involved a Toyota Avalon and a Hyundai Elantra. 

Search Being Conducted for Driver Who Fled Injury Hit-and-Run

Emergency responders were called to the scene by California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers, who determined one of the people involved had suffered injuries. The driver of the Hyundai reportedly got into another vehicle and left the scene. A determination of the accident’s cause will be carried out by CHP traffic accident detectives as well as the search for the fleeing driver.

Tracking Down the Driver in a Hit-and-Run

It is important to locate the driver involved in an injury hit-and-run to hold the driver responsible for negligent actions. It is common for a personal injury lawyer to find a fleeing driver in many cases because they have the experience, investigators and resources to do so. When investigating a hit-and-run, they gather evidence that can help them locate the missing driver, such as:

  • Investigators collect evidence, such as paint chips, metals, and plastics in an accident scene to help identify the vehicle. A car that left the scene can be identified because it uses specific paints, headlights, and other features.
  • Skid marks may be present at the accident scene, indicating the driver tried to stop before committing the hit-and-run.
  • An accuracy check is performed on the police report issued by the department.
  • Surveillance cameras, including those on homes, businesses, and traffic signals, are examined. Videotapes of the accident may be used as evidence if they were captured on film.
  • The vehicles’ positions and the crash’s cause are shown during forensic reconstruction.

Using the compiled evidence to build a strong case against the driver, you can hold them liable for the injury hit-and-run. An injured party may seek compensation for damages by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

When the Hit-and-Run Driver Can’t Be Identified

It is possible that the driver is uninsured or doesn’t have the financial ability to pay your injury claim even if they have been located. The injured person can use their uninsured/underinsured auto policy in these cases. Since many uninsured/underinsured motorists are in the state, many drivers take advantage by taking this add-on policy. It can help the injured person regardless of how they got hurt, whether they were driving, walking, or riding a bicycle. A third option is for uninsured parties to use another member of their family’s coverage, even if they haven’t gotten coverage themselves. Rates remain unchanged.

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