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Is it Safe to Ignore a Low Tire Pressure Light?

Many Northern Californians may have noticed that the low tire pressure indicator in their vehicle came on in the past couple of weeks.  Temperatures in our region dipped quite low, resulting in pressure loss in countless tires throughout the area.  If you drive by Les Schwab or America’s Tire Company, the long lines will let you know that the issue is widespread.  So is it safe to ignore your low tire pressure light?  The answer is no.  Driving with low tire pressure can be dangerous.  

CHP Graduates New Officers – Pandemic Style

Sacramento was witness to an unprecedented graduation ceremony at the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Academy last week.  On October 30, 2020, 77 new cadets (seven women and 70 men) were sworn in during a socially distant graduation ceremony that took place at the Academy.  The pandemic brought the chance for unique experiences for these CHP graduates – they begin their new careers with more hands-on patrol experience than any class in the history of the Academy. 

Start Smart: CHP Program Aimed at Teens

National Teen Driver Safety Week just wrapped up, and in response, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) has announced its 2020 program for newly licensed teen drivers and their parents.  It’s called Start Smart and due to the pandemic, it is only available online for the time being.

Studying the Secrets to Longevity

Author Dan Buettner founded the term “Blue Zone” during research for his book of the same name.  Blue Zones are areas in which people live longer than average.  He was seeking to find secrets to longevity by studying five regions in the world where a higher-than-average number of people lived to 100 years-olds and beyond (centenarians). The regions he studied were:

Statistics on Dangerous Rocklin Intersections

During any given trip to the grocery store or commute to work, most people don’t expect to be involved in a car accident. While most car rides don’t result in serious collisions, all it takes is one crash to cause serious trauma. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are an estimated 3 million people injured in U.S. car accidents every year. While it is not possible to exactly predict where accidents will happen, there are certain areas that see a higher collision rate than others. By learning where these areas are located, drivers can improve their safety. For these reasons, area residents may want to know about these dangerous Rocklin intersections.

Rocklin’s Outdoor Adventure Attraction

Quarry Park Adventures in Rocklin is one of the largest adventure parks in the greater Sacramento area. The park opened in October 2018, and then shortly thereafter changed ownership.  Quarry Park Adventures is located on and around a granite quarry that is 60 feet deep and dates back 160 years.  The park grounds are well over five acres, and there are many outdoor activities for adventurers of all ages.  As a bonus, it is open year-round!

Rocklin Community November 2019 Events 

This time of the year is all about being a part of something bigger than ourselves. Whether that means reuniting with your family, reconnecting with friends, or giving back to the community, the purpose should be all the same: embracing our connections with others. If you are going to be in Rocklin this month, you’re in luck – I have curated a list of upcoming local activities and events open to the public. Find one that strikes your interest and make sure to mark your calendar!

April 2019 Rocklin Community Event Calendar

The cold weather and rain are slowly but surely exiting the city of Rocklin, California. The city’s average temperature for the month of April includes a high of 73 degrees Fahrenheit, and an average low of 45 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, the April weather forecast predicts only four days or less of rain. You may have been staying home any chance you’d get over the last few months, but there are more and more reasons to get back into the active community that keeps Rocklin lively. Combine the sunny weather with citywide events taking place this April, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for fun. Read below to learn more about your options in Rocklin this month.

Rocklin Community Event Calendar

2018 is coming to an end, and you may be feeling confused as to where all your time has gone. The days, weeks, and months have been quietly rushing past us all. While it may be tempting to look back at how we’ve spent our time, what’s more important is focusing on the time we have left. Whether 2018 was an amazing year or a tough one for you, this month is your last chance to make the most of your year. Take the time to put yourself first and do things that make you feel good. Below I have collected a short list of upcoming events in Rocklin, find the perfect one to attend by yourself or with a loved one.

Rocklin Personal Injuries

Rocklin personal injuries can happen in a number of different ways. However, the majority of serious injuries are caused by traffic collisions. When negligence was the cause, an injured person would be entitled to claim damages to recover the cost of time lost from work, medical and other associated bills and the pain and suffering they experienced. Learn more about the different types of personal injury accidents, including car, motorcycle and bicycle accidents.

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