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Rocklin Rollover Crash Injures Man and Minor Child

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December 13, 2022
Edward Smith

Minor Child and Driver Injured in Rocklin Rollover Crash

A rollover crash in Rocklin causing major injuries to a man and minor child occurred on December 8. The accident was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as occurring at the State Route 65 exit toward Sunset Boulevard as the driver was exiting at around 3:30 p.m. and reportedly attempted to make the turn too fast. The vehicle experienced multiple rollovers on the roadway’s side, which resulted in a broken axle and disconnected the front tires. 

Occupants of Vehicle Extricated Following Rollover Crash

Both the driver and minor were extricated from the vehicle and transported to Sutter Roseville Medical Center. The minor was allegedly seated in the back in a car seat, which provided additional protection from accident injuries. The CHP is investigating to ascertain the cause of the rollover.

Factors Contributing to Rollover Accident Crash Injuries

Some of the most dangerous accidents can happen when a vehicle is rolling. In the initial deployment, the airbags deflate quickly and do not provide any additional protection. In addition, seat belts may be able to endure 1,000 pounds of force, but a defect might cause them to detach, resulting in the occupants being thrown about the vehicle.

Vehicle Rollover Probability in an Accident

Generally, light trucks, vans, and SUVs roll over most often. It is possible for this kind of accident to happen with any vehicle, however, if certain conditions occur. The chances of passengers suffering a partial ejection in vans, trucks or SUVs are higher than in other types of vehicles, even when wearing seat belts. 

Accidents Involving Rollovers Pose Additional Risks

In some rollover accidents, roof crush is possible. Vehicle roofs and supports may buckle when a car or truck rolls over during an accident, causing the top to collapse on the occupants inside. Not all auto manufacturers comply with the requirement that a vehicle’s roof be able to support 3.5 times its weight in a rollover. Rather than offering additional protection, a caved-in roof can cause serious trauma, including traumatic brain injuries, bone fractures and internal and spinal cord damage.

Vehicle Preservation Following a Rollover Crash

The roof crush caused by a rollover can result in severe injuries or even death for the occupants. In this regard, retaining the vehicle is vital. Engineers are able to thoroughly examine the vehicle in order to determine if a defective part or roof crush might have contributed to the accident’s injuries. Injured parties or their families can seek compensation from the parts designer, manufacturer or others for defective products or roof crushes by filing auto product liability claims.

An accident attorney can help by investigating the rollover crash to determine its cause and compiling the losses of those who were injured, including all medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering. 

Rocklin Personal Injury Lawyer

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