Rocklin Personal Injury Claim

Rocklin Personal Injury Claim

Rocklin Personal Injury Claim

Rocklin Personal Injury Claim – A Rocklin personal injury claim can be filed to obtain financial compensation when the trauma is caused by a negligent person or government entity. Such a claim helps injured individuals recover the damages they suffered due to an accident. In many cases, it also compensates the person for the physical pain and psychological and emotional turmoil the accident caused. Let’s take a look at the types of damages found in a Rocklin personal injury claim.

Compensatory Damages

The damages for which an injured individual is compensated are called compensatory damages. Compensatory damages come in two types: Economic and noneconomic damages. While both are caused by the accident, they differ in the way they are defined.

Economic Damages in a Rocklin Personal Injury Claim

Economic damages are those related to specific loss due to an accident, including:

  • Medical expenses: This includes emergency transportation to a hospital, in-patient and doctor bills, laboratory tests, X-rays, CT, and MRI scans, surgical procedures, physical rehabilitation, and the cost to get to and from medical appointments.
  • Lost wages: Included in this category are the wages you would normally receive if you were able to work, bonuses, pay for vacation and sick days and contributions to retirement funds. This can include future earnings losses as well as current ones.
  • Property damages: If your car was damaged in an accident or personal property was destroyed, you have a right to be compensated for your loss.
  • Loss of business opportunities or clients: Self-employed individuals may also lose clients if they are unable to perform their duties. In addition, prospective clients may be lost.
  • Loss of domestic services: This included the tasks an injured individual used to do around the home. The cost of hiring someone can be recovered.

Noneconomic Damages in a Rocklin Personal Injury Claim

Noneconomic damages are those that are subjective and harder to quantify monetarily. They are:

  • Emotional distress due to the accident: Such feelings as anger and humiliation occur frequently after an accident. This interferes with the person’s social interactions primarily and is capable of disrupting family life.
  • Mental anguish: After an accident, a person may experience feelings of anxiety and depression. The anxiety often centers around the accident and the overriding fear that it could happen again. This can lead the person to go through the crash over and again in his or her mind, causing post-traumatic stress syndrome, according to medical sites such as WebMD. It can also make the person incapable of leaving his or her home for fear of another accident. This interferes with the individual’s ability to work and interact socially.
  • Loss of reputation: An individual may feel that his or her reputation has been tarnished by being in the accident, leading to an inferiority complex.
  • Loss of life’s joys: Being unable to enjoy the activities that were pleasurable before is a tremendous hardship for many after an accident. This includes playing with one’s children, playing sports or simply enjoying a walk. This leads to depression in many people.
  • Loss of consortium: This is the loss of companionship between couples after an accident. Physical or psychological problems may make a relationship difficult.
  • Disfigurement: Some people are scarred or disfigured by an accident. This interferes with their self-image and may make them less likely to interact with others. Scarring and disfigurement can be compensated through a Rocklin personal injury claim.
  • Shortened lifespan:  The injuries suffered in an accident may make the person’s lifespan shorter due to medical problems. Since hope and looking to the future is an important part of life, this can have a devastating effect. It can also deprive family members of the support and love they will lose sooner than necessary.

Rocklin Personal Injury Lawyers

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