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Dog on the Loose

It is a common occurrence – you head out for a walk in your neighborhood only to spot a dog roaming free and heading your way. Most of the time, fortunately, loose pups are friendly and are just curious pets who were able to break free from their owners’ yards. Sometimes, however, the dog may be aggressive. If you suffer a bite from a loose dog, what should you do?

Defective Vehicle? Notify the NHTSA

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is a federal government agency that seeks to keep American citizens safe on the country’s roadways. One of the ways in which it does this is by identifying defects that adversely affect the safety of motor vehicles and equipment. The agency works to promote awareness of any such safety defects and urges vehicle owners to quickly address the repair of their vehicles if they are under a recall. Now, the agency is saying that it also wants consumers to report suspected vehicle defects.

The Return of Holiday Travel Volumes

Thanksgiving travel is expected to return to levels near the volumes that were customary prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. AAA estimates there will be an approximate 13% increase in travel volumes compared to Thanksgiving 2020. More than 53 million Americans are expected to travel next week. Many are flying, but the vast majority of holiday travelers will be getting to their destinations by car. 

Police Searching for Halloween Hit-and-Run Driver

A Halloween hit-and-run incident occurred in Diamond Springs, California, resulting in major injuries to a pedestrian. Authorities are requesting the public’s help in apprehending the suspect driver.

Be on the Lookout for Deer in the Road

Now that Fall has officially arrived, it is time to be more aware of the risk of encountering a deer in the road, especially in rural areas. The risk of hitting a deer increases around dawn and dusk and when there is a full moon.

Road Dangers Will Always Exist

Today’s vehicles are safer than ever. Still, many of us have a fear of encountering a terrifying situation while driving and not knowing how to react to it. Here we look at two common scenarios – a flat tire and hydroplaning – that could happen when you are behind the wheel and offer advice on how to get to the other side of both, safely.

Fill in Your September Calendar

Sometimes when terrible things such as raging wildfires are happening all around us, all we can do is look ahead and hope for more positive times to come. In that spirit, we are presenting some of the upcoming events in and around Placerville that will happen in September, including the El Dorado County Fair.

Deadly Head-On Crash in Kyburz

On the afternoon of Thursday, July 8, 2021, a 40-year old man from Sacramento was killed in an auto accident near Kyburz, California, on Highway 50. He was later identified by officials as Juan Lorzano. The head-on collision also injured a couple from Gardnerville, Nevada.

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