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May 23, 2023
Edward Smith

Motorcycle Accident on S.R. 49 Results in Hospitalization for Rider

A significant motorcycle accident was reported in El Dorado, southeast of Placerville, on May 18. The collision occurred at the intersection of State Route 49 at El Dorado Street around 4:19 p.m. The fire department was called to the scene so medics could examine the rider. 

Cause of Motorcycle Accident Being Determined

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the motorcyclist was airlifted to Sutter Roseville Medical Center with significant injuries. The CHP traffic investigation unit is determining what happened to cause the severe collision. It is unknown at this time whether other vehicles were involved.

Motorcycle Collisions Caused by an Outside Influence

Motorcycle crashes can be caused by an outside influence often out of the rider’s control. Unfortunately, many road drivers are unaware of motorcycles and their presence. This lack of awareness or understanding can lead to drivers putting themselves and riders in dangerous situations. Examples of these outside influences may include:

  • Unsafe road conditions due to construction or repairs: If proper signage and other warnings are absent, the construction company or entity may be liable for injuries.
  • Poorly maintained roads: When a government entity in charge of roadway maintenance fails, it may be liable for accident injuries. Since the deadline to file a government claim in California is six months, receiving help from an injury lawyer should be considered.
  • Other drivers not paying attention to the road: Left-turning vehicles, distracted driving, and other problems can cause a motorcycle accident, even if the vehicles never touch.
  • Drivers being under the influence of drugs or alcohol: A significant cause of a motorcycle crash, it can often be difficult for a rider to get out of the way of someone impaired.
  • Motorcycles being driven carelessly by other riders: Motor vehicle drivers aren’t the only ones who can cause a serious motorcycle collision. A careless biker can come too close to another rider, causing them to crash.
  • Animals crossing the street unexpectedly: The owner may be liable for injuries when livestock get loose and cause an accident.
  • Defective motorcycle parts: A defective brake system can cause a driver to lose control of the motorcycle. Defective tires can cause the motorcycle to skid, resulting in an accident. The headlights may not work correctly, making it difficult to see the road and other vehicles in the dark. A defective suspension system can cause instability or difficulty with steering. Retaining the motorcycle after an accident can allow it to be examined for defects. If a defect is found, a product liability claim may be placed against the maker of the part, the manufacturer, and others. 

An injury lawyer can look at all avenues of a motorcycle crash that may have led to the crash. If an outside influence was the cause, they could collect the evidence to support your claim and help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

The following qualities should be looked for in an attorney, says Ed Smith, a personal injury lawyer:

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