Five Crucial Safety Tips for Elk Grove Motorcycle Riders

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December 03, 2015
Edward Smith

Five Crucial Safety Tips for Elk Grove Motorcycle Riders

Five Crucial Safety Tips for Elk Grove Motorcycle Riders

Edward A Smith is an Elk Grove Motorcycle Accident Lawyer. Ed knows that as a biker, you understand the beauty of the road. Elk Grove and its neighboring cities in northern California provide a brilliant backdrop for motorcycle enthusiasts. With its long stretches of lonely highway, gorgeous desert sunsets, and proximity to the bay, Elk Grove is home to a thriving biker community. Whether you are a first-time rider, a long-time biker, or someone who is interested in exploring the world of motorcycles, it is imperative that you understand how to safely operate and ride a motorcycle.

Below are five safety tips for motorcycle rides in Elk Grove

  1. Always wear a helmet. I cannot stress this enough! I serve clients all throughout northern California, including Elk Grove and Sacramento, and I have seen countless families torn apart when a loved one is killed in a motorcycle accident after failing to wear a helmet. Your head is one of the most vulnerable parts of your body because it houses your brain. Your brain is your control center. If it is damaged, you can be temporarily or permanently disabled or even killed. You need to protect your head by wearing a helmet. The decision to wear a helmet could turn into the decision to live or die. I recommend purchasing your helmet from a local Elk Grove biker shop. They can best recommend what style is safest and ensure the helmet fits properly.
  2. Dress for the worst. It might feel more comfortable to hop on your motorcycle in your every day casual gear like shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops, but this decision could prove to be fatal if you are involved in a dangerous accident. Like with the helmet, your clothes can help protect your body. You don’t have the seat belt, air bag, or protection system of a car, so you need to do everything you can to protect various body parts from damage in an unexpected crash. Always try to cover up as much skin as possible to avoid road rash. This means a heavy duty jacket. Leather is recommended, but there are other sturdy materials as well like canvas. Never wear shorts – always jeans. Protect your feet with boots. Finally, get fitted for a pair of riding gloves. If you are in an accident, you may try to stop your fall with your hands. Gloves will protect the skin on your hands.
  3. Don’t drink and ride. If you’ve had something to drink, either wait until you’re sober or call a friend for a ride. Not only is biking under the influence illegal, but you are at an increased risk of accident!
  4. Do not speed. Speeding is your enemy and the leading cause of motorcycle accidents in Elk Grove. You might have the urge to feel the wind on your face by throttling it, but don’t. Not only will you have a harder time controlling or stopping your motorcycle, but other cars might not be able to react fast enough when you approach them quickly.
  5. Check the weather before heading out. Sometimes, you can’t avoid unexpected showers and snow storms. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look up the weather report before biking. Wet or icy roads are hazardous for motorcycles because they have thin wheels, making it harder for them to grip roads when being operated at high speeds.

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