Crash Reconstruction in Motorcycle Accidents

Crash Reconstruction in Motorcycle Accidents

Crash Reconstruction in Motorcycle Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, an Elk Grove motorcycle accident lawyer. Motorcycle accidents can leave the rider with severe injuries or cause the sudden death of a loved one. Accident reconstruction is a valuable tool in determining how the crash happened and assigning fault. When there is an issue involved as to who caused an accident, contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer is a positive step to claim fair compensation.

What Do Reconstructionists Do at the Accident Scene?

When investigators arrive at the crash scene, they perform a complete investigation of all the vehicles that were involved. This includes the collection of evidence such as taking measurements, photos and/or videos and taking testimony from the witnesses. The road surfaces are also examined for evidence of skid marks and other road marks. Important information collected about the vehicles involved includes:

  • Speed at which the vehicles were moving
  • Whether turn signals were used
  • The engine’s rpm at the time of the collision
  • Whether the drivers involved in the crash had their headlights on and whether all lights on the vehicles were functioning
  • Angles the drivers were steering in
  • Whether and when the drivers applied the brakes
  • Whether the driver of a motor vehicle was using cruise control at the time
  • If the vehicles are equipped with anti-lock brakes
  • Whether the vehicles were accelerating at the time of the accident

Are People Who Perform Accident Reconstruction Professionals?

Experts who are trained in accident reconstruction study both physics and engineering in a professional setting such as a university. They learn how to reconstruct an accident, and there is a lot of science involved. They begin the crash reconstruction by using evidence that is already known such as damage to the vehicles and the final position of those vehicles following the crash. Some of the things that a reconstructionist can determine are the behavior of the drivers, speed at which the vehicles were moving, the visibility of the drivers before the crash and additional factors. Training for accident reconstructionists was standardized in 1985 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Injuries Caused by Motorcycle Crashes

A study performed over a seven-year period by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on the most common injuries suffered by motorcycle riders in accidents. The conclusions reached by the study are as follows:

  • Injuries to the upper extremities constituted 30 percent of the injuries such as broken bones, lacerations, abrasions and road rash.
  • Head injuries and neck injuries made up 22 percent of the injuries, including traumatic brain injuries.
  • Chest trauma made up the third-highest number of injuries.
  • The next highest frequency of injuries in a motorcycle accident occurred from abdominal trauma and included organ damage, hip fractures, and fractures of the pelvis.
  • The legs and feet constituted the least likely body areas to be injured but, as in the upper body, could include road rash and broken bones.

Elk Grove Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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