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Cancer-causing Chemical Found in Many Dry Shampoos 

Consumers who use dry shampoo products regularly may want to look closer at the ingredients before spraying them in their hair. A healthcare and medical research group study found high levels of a cancer-causing chemical in most dry shampoo brands.

Dangerously Old Tires Can Lead to Personal Injuries and Deaths

Many people who faithfully buckle up their seatbelt as soon as they sit down in a car or who immediately take their vehicle in for repairs when a safety recall is issued may never once think about the age of their vehicles’ tires. Dangerously old tires — not necessarily overworn, just old — should be every bit as much of a safety concern as seatbelts and airbags, but many of us don’t think to ever check our tires ages. More significantly, many of the auto service centers we rely upon to maintain our vehicles don’t think to look at them either.

Report Calls Evenflo Booster Seat Unsafe

A frightening report this week released by ProPublica, a nonprofit news organization known for investigative journalism, calls a popular Evenflo booster seat unsafe in certain types of collisions.  The report also asserts that Evenflo has marketed the Big Kid booster seat for occupants that may be too small to be safely protected in a side-impact accident.  Specifically, the report claims that the company ignored recommendations to stop marketing the booster seat for use for children that weigh less than 40 pounds. ProPublica’s year-long investigation involved analysis of extensive documents, including internal corporate papers, legal filings and depositions, and hours and hours of interviews with customers, victims, and car safety experts.

Guide to Product Liability in Sacramento California

Guide to Product Liability in Sacramento California

In a world where millions of consumer products are sold every day, injuries due to defects are common. There are rules that govern the distribution and production of tangible goods, however, product safety is difficult to ensure. Because of this, millions of unsuspecting individuals are injured and killed due to defective products. Product liability law is different from other types of personal injury cases. When an injury or death due to a defective product happens, it is vital that an attorney with experience in such cases is consulted. Let’s take a look at what product liability is, the different types of defects and elements of responsibility.


Graco Car Seats Recalled

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Products Liability Lawyer. A recall has been announced for particular model numbers of the Graco My Ride 65 convertible car seats that were manufactured between May 20, 2014 and August 1, 2014. The recall is expected to affect around 25,000 of the defective car seats due to faulty harness webbing.

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