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February 25, 2024
Edward Smith

Lithium-Ion Battery Risks and Electric Bike Safety

Lithium-ion batteries are a powerful energy source; however, they may pose a risk to electric bike safety if improperly handled. Despite this, their associated risks shouldn’t dissuade riders from enjoying the benefits of e-bikes. Some helpful tips may keep you safe from the fire risk.

Battery Fires Associated with Electric Bike Safety

Electric bike adoption has skyrocketed as they offer a convenient and pleasurable way to get around. However, this boom in popularity has led to a noticeable increase in lithium-ion battery-related fires. The National Fire Prevention Association offers helpful advice on electric bike safety and other lithium-ion battery devices.

Essential Safety Practices for Electric Devices

To ensure your safety when using electric devices, particularly those with lithium-ion batteries like e-bikes, follow the guidelines endorsed by the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) below. These tips apply to various electronic devices, including scooters, tablets, phones, and robotic vacuum cleaners.

  • Buy only certified electric bikes from reputable testing bodies, for instance, Underwriters Laboratories
  • Follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer regarding charging and storage.
  • Use only the charging cord and power adapter designed for your electric bike supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Don’t leave your e-bike on charge unattended or plugged in overnight.
  • If a battery becomes unusually hot, or if you notice any peculiar smells, deformation, discoloration, leakage, or strange sounds, stop using it immediately.
  • Should the battery display concerning behavior, move it away from fire hazards and contact 911.
  • Maintain batteries and electronic devices at room temperature and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • Position batteries and electronic gadgets away from any ignitable materials.

Additional Tips for Electric Bike Safety

You should take several additional measures to ensure safety while using electronic bicycles (e-bikes). 

  • Use only manufacturer-approved batteries for electric bike safety to avoid the risks associated with aftermarket alternatives, which may not comply with safety standards and could lead to malfunction or injury. 
  • When charging your e-bike, always choose a safe location away from flammable materials; never charge under pillows, on beds, or close to upholstered furniture, as these practices may increase fire risks. 
  • E-bikes should be parked responsibly and never obstruct exits; clear pathways are crucial for evacuation in an emergency. 
  • Do not store e-bikes in bedrooms, especially children’s rooms, to prevent exposure to hazards such as battery fumes and to reduce the risk of fire where people sleep. 

Prioritizing the safe use and storage of your e-bike will help ensure your well-being and the safety of those around you.

If an E-Bike Catches Fire and Causes Injuries

Manufacturers are legally required to provide safe products when they are used as intended and unaltered. Suppose you or a family member becomes injured by a malfunctioning lithium-ion battery fire in your e-bike, electric scooter, or other devices. In that case, you may be able to place a product liability claim against the battery maker, manufacturer of the bike, and others. 

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