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Tips About Rental Car Accidents

Rental car accidents can cause concern when trying to figure out who will pay for injuries and vehicle damage. Rentals are often used when your own vehicle is being repaired. They are also used by many for business trips or while on vacation. Knowing what is covered and what is not if you are involved in a crash is important. We will explore the options for insurance coverage of rental cars below. This way, you will not be caught unaware if an accident occurs and can handle it like a champ.

Traumatic Brain Injuries in the US

Among the injuries that an individual could suffer in a major accident, traumatic head and brain injuries are the most severe. Even though some may feel that a TBI may never happen to them or their loved ones, accidents can occur at any time. Data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that TBIs are among the most costly injuries that someone might sustain. Some of their statistics include:

Sacramento Drunk Driver Sentenced to 135 Years to Life

A Sacramento drunk driver was sentenced for the deaths of four people and injuries to others in a Contra Costa County accident. The accident occurred back in November 2017. The convicted man, who will be serving a sentence of 135 years to life, is Fred Douglas Lowe, a Sacramento resident, age 48. He was found guilty of seven felonies in the incident. The accident happened during the Thanksgiving holiday around 8:30 in the evening along eastbound Interstate 80, close to San Pablo Dam Road. I would like to extend my sympathy and condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in this tragic accident.

Distracted Driver Awareness Month in California

April is Distracted Driver Awareness month in California. Distracted driving is quickly becoming one of the major reasons accidents happen. In an effort to promote safety, the National Transportation Safety Board urged California to outlaw even hands-free driving. At kick-off ceremonies, an NTSB board representative said that if this became the law in the Golden State, it would be a landmark piece of legislation. He said that young people battle distraction while driving every day and urged them to realize that hands-free is not without risk. He stated that if California became the leader in this fight for safety by banning all cell phone devices, the NTSB would lend their support.  

A Potential Link Between Vaping and Seizures: An FDA Investigation

Recently, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that they were investigating a possible link between seizures and the use of electronic cigarettes, often shortened to e-cigarettes. For those who might not know, the use of e-cigarettes is on the rise across all age ranges. Unfortunately, the problem is even pervasive among children, as vaping tools are easily spread across school campuses. According to information that has been published by Drug Abuse:

Fisher-Price Sleeper Linked to Infant Deaths

Recently, information that was published by Consumer Reports showed that the popular Rock’n Play Sleeper from Fisher-Price has been linked to more than 30 deaths in babies and infants. The popular toy is designed to create a gentle rocking motion to help put babies to sleep. While it can be a challenge for parents to get their children to sleep continuously, it is important for all infants to be in a safe position while going to sleep. A proper sleep position is important for reducing the potential for SIDS, which is called Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Campaigns that have been run by the American Academy of Pediatrics over the past few decades have reduced the rate of SIDS deaths. Unfortunately, the Fisher-Price Rock’n Play has thrust SIDS back into the spotlight once again.

Defensive Driving to Survive a Car Accident

A car accident can happen anytime, anywhere and to anybody, even to good drivers with safe driving habits. Whether you may see an accident coming or may be blindsided by it, what you do before, during and after the crash can help save your life.

Event Data Recorder: Is it a Black Box?

If you’re driving a 2013 or newer model vehicle, chances are your car is equipped with an event data recorder (EDR). In 2013, about 96% of all vehicles manufactured in the United States had an event data recorder installed, and by 2014, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) had mandated all cars in the U.S. to have one.

Hydrotherapy for Femur Fractures

A femur fracture is one of the most severe traumatic injuries that an individual could sustain in a motor vehicle collision. Therefore, the treatment options are both vast and varied. One of the treatment options is called hydrotherapy, which has shown some promising results. Hydrotherapy involves using water to assist in the healing of a serious fracture, such as a broken femur. Not only will hydrotherapy expedite the healing process but also reduce the chances of a severe complication from developing. According to Ortho Info, some of the complications include: