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Roundup™ Targets Good Gut Bacteria

A new lawsuit targets Roundup’s capability of destroying more than weeds. The lawsuit, which represents multiple consumers, says that Roundup™ targets good gut bacteria. In recent years, the presence of good bacteria in the intestines has been linked to prevention of numerous maladies including heart disease, gluten intolerance, and depression. The suggestion that Roundup™ targets good gut bacteria and leads to additional medical problems is alarming.

Battle Heats Up As Roundup™ Trial Nears

The first federal Roundup™ trial is rapidly approaching. It is slated to begin on February 25 in San Francisco. The case, Edwin Hardeman v. Monsanto, is the first out of 620 that are pending federal litigation. In pretrial motions, attorneys for Bayer and the plaintiff have laid out a list of issues, and evidence that they feel should be excluded. Also, a joint exhibit list was filed on February 6 that detailed all evidence that would be presented during the trial.

Mesothelioma Improved Blood Test Promises Earlier Detection

A new, more reliable blood test has been developed by German scientists for earlier detection and better prognosis of Mesothelioma. Unlike the other blood tests that are invasive as well as lengthy, this simple blood test can determine cancer in early stages – at least a year before the symptoms start to appear – making malignant mesothelioma more treatable. This progress is a result of an advanced research study that analyzed a combination of mesothelin and calretinin, two proteins that are blood-based and tend to proliferate when the malignant mesothelioma tumor begins to grow.

Jump Electric Scooters ~ Uber’s Newest Rentals

Rentable electric scooters will be available in Sacramento and West Sacramento beginning today. This offers local residents a new form of transportation. The Uber company, Jump, is placing 100 electric scooters at bike racks in West Sacramento and the downtown Sacramento area. Those who want to rent one of the scooters can use the Uber app. The rental bikes (supplied by the same company) have been around the city since last spring. The scooters have a maximum speed of 15 mph, and each minute will cost the user 15 cents. Users of the new service should know that scooters are not allowed on city sidewalks. However, they can be used in the bike lanes. In addition, they must stay on roads that have a speed limit of no more than 25 mph.

Automobile Accidents Are Common Causes of Workplace Fatalities

Statistics published by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) show that in 2016, nearly 5,200 workplace fatalities occurred in the United States. To put this shockingly high figure in perspective, more than 14 workers were killed per day, or nearly 100 workers killed per week on average.

Surgical Equipment Errors can be Deadly

Nobody visits the doctor expecting something to go wrong; however, according to a study that was recently published by Johns Hopkins Medical Center, surgical equipment errors are more common than most people realize. There are firm procedures put in place to minimize errors in an operating room but, sometimes, errors can occur. Some of the important statistics from the study include:

How PTSD Can Either Cause or Aggravate Diabetes 

A recently published study explored the association between post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and diabetes. PTSD is a common and debilitating mental health disorder that commonly manifests after traumatic events, including car accidents. This study, published by the Journal of Academic Medicine (JAMA), analyzed the risk factors of diabetes and cross-referenced these with PTSD. The longitudinal study followed about 50,000 people throughout more than 20 years to determine if they developed either PTSD or diabetes. The study found that:

New Study Reveals Phone Use Findings Among Drivers

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently released findings from a new study that revealed some interesting news regarding phone use while driving. It seems clear that Americans are not fully ready to give up cell phone use, but their phone habits while driving may not be what you’d expect. This nationwide survey of smartphone users surveyed approximately 800 people, asking them questions about their phone use behind the wheel. They found that drivers are more inclined to talk on the phone compared to texting.

PG&E Could Face Criminal Charges, Files for Bankruptcy 

California’s largest power company, Pacific Gas and Electric, has filed for bankruptcy amidst hundreds of lawsuits from fire victims in a series of recent wildfires in California. The Chapter 11 bankruptcy was filed in the U.S. District Court for Northern District of California in San Francisco on January 29, 2019.

Monsanto Papers Cause Trouble for Roundup™

The release of what has been dubbed the Monsanto Papers chiseled away at the company’s reputation. The documents raise questions about Roundup™ safety and company research. Roundup™ is used worldwide in gardens, farms and public spaces. In 2018, a case involving a custodian who developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma made its way through the courts in California, ending in victory for the plaintiff, Dwayne Johnson. The civil court case arose out of findings by an agency of the World Health Organization (WHO), linking Roundup™ to cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) found that the active ingredient in Roundup™ was likely to cause cancer.