Stryker Hip Implants Cause Multiple Problems

Twenty thousand Stryker hip implants were recalled due to the potential for metallosis in July 2012. This condition refers to the accumulation of metal in the body’s soft tissues. It represents one of the greatest risks for the recipients of hip implants. Small pieces of metal are lost from the device, leeching metal into the surrounding tissues. Eventually, the metal can even move into the bloodstream, causing a range of serious injuries. Let’s look at some of the signs, symptoms, and complications this causes.

Femoral Artery Damage with a Femur Fracture

Those who have sustained a serious bone fracture could be prone to suffering damage to major blood vessels. This is the case for individuals who have suffered a fracture of the femur. It is possible for a bone fragment to damage one of the nearby vessels, such as the femoral artery. Unfortunately, not everyone has good bone health. Recently, a study was published by the National Institutes of Health on children who suffered bone fractures. According to the study:

Americans Are Afraid of Riding in Autonomous Vehicles

It was roughly one year ago when a study organized by the American Automobile Association (AAA) published a nationwide survey regarding driver’s feelings about autonomous vehicles, which have been progressing in development over the last few years. This study revealed that 63 percent of Americans were afraid of riding a self-driving car. When the study was repeated this year, the number jumped up to 71 percent. This growing fear of relying on a self-driving vehicle may be due to the highly publicized autonomous car accidents that have taken place in the last year. Regardless of what is contributing to this pervasive fear and skepticism, the results indicate that the public adoption of self-driving vehicles will likely be stalled until technological advancement is strong enough to dispel the worries of consumers.

Oral Trauma Following an Accident

Oral trauma is a significant cause of both morbidity and mortality in the United States. Failure to take care of your teeth makes them more susceptible to severe injuries in a traumatic accident. Some of the statistics on dental trauma and oral injuries published in the Dental Journal have revealed that:

Car Accident Damages and Injuries

Nobody expects to be involved in a car accident on any given day, and it is unlikely that your commute to work or trip to the bank will include a crash. However, crashes happen all the time, and they are rarely expected. Data from UC Berkeley shows that there were over 800 traumatic car accidents in Truckee alone over the past ten years. Furthermore, crashes can be dangerous, and accident survivors are often faced with a host of physical, emotional, and financial damages. Even if you are never involved in a crash, it is still a good idea to be aware of how they can affect people’s lives and the different kinds of issues that crash survivors can face.

What is a Pericardial Effusion?

A pericardial effusion is a serious heart problem that could result in death. For those who might not know, pericardial effusion is the term used to describe the collection of fluid around the heart. This fluid builds between the outside of the heart and the muscle that protects it, called the pericardium. When this fluid builds, it compresses the heart, inhibiting the heart’s function. Unfortunately, heart problems continue to remain as one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Some of the statistics that have been released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) include:

Smart Tips for Improving Vitality at Any Age

As we age, we often feel the need to slow down, but it really isn’t necessary. Thanks to the widespread availability of affordable health supplements, inexpensive exercise options, and bedroom enhancements that help us achieve better sleep, seniors today have more tools than ever to promote well-being. We can use these to enjoy life and stay healthy no matter how many candles we blow out on our birthday cake. Here are just a few. 

Major Injury Crash Near Rancho Murieta

A major injury crash occurred near Rancho Murieta during the morning of March 19 along State Route 16 and Ione Road. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the accident happened along Jackson Road between an unnamed vehicle and a tow truck shortly before 11:00 a.m. The tow truck reportedly overturned and sustained major damage. The other car, as reported by the CHP, had moderate front end damage.

Sacramento Two-Vehicle Crash on Bradshaw Road

A Sacramento two-vehicle crash occurred recently along Bradshaw Road that involved a Toyota Sienna and an unknown 4-door vehicle, resulting in injuries. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the collision occurred at about 10:15 in the evening along Bradshaw just north of Jackson Road. Following the accident, one vehicle was left partially blocking the southbound lane on Bradshaw, while the other was blocking the northbound lane. One of the vehicles ended up in a ditch, which required a tow truck to remove it.

Rocklin Teen Killed in Solo Vehicle Accident 

A solo vehicle accident in Rocklin recently cost the life of a young man. He was identified as 17-year-old Logan Rafter. Rafter had been hailed a Good Samaritan when he and his friends stopped to help four senior citizens who had an accident along Highway 65 just two months prior. Rafter was a senior at Rocklin High School. I would like to offer my prayers and sympathy to this young man’s family and friends for their loss.