Man Killed in Madera Head-On Collision

A Groveland man was killed in a Madera head-on collision on the evening of May 16, 2019. The car wreck occurred shortly before 5:30 p.m. along Avenue 15 just east of Santa Fe Drive. A man was driving his Ford Transit van eastbound along Avenue 15 as another man was driving his 2010 Chrysler 300 westbound. Witnesses at the scene told the California Highway Patrol (CHP) that the Chrysler driver veered into the oncoming lane and collided head-on with the Ford. The Chrysler driver was transported to the hospital for treatment of critical injuries. Sadly, the Ford driver passed away at the scene. Officials said that the identity of the decedent will be made available after his next-of-kin has been notified. I would like to send my healing thoughts and prayers to the loved ones of the deceased in their time of loss.

Phrenic Nerve Injury in an Accident

Traumatic accidents can lead to penetrating injuries which can cause nerve injuries. One possible nerve injury that individuals could suffer in an auto accident is damage to the phrenic nerve. The phrenic nerve is one of the most critical nerves in the body. This nerve arises from the top of the neck in between the C3 and the C5 vertebrae. It travels down the throat into the chest cavity. Once in the chest, it powers the lungs, the heart, and the diaphragm. The job of the phrenic nerve is to provide motor and sensory function to organs in the chest and abdomen. Some of the purposes of this nerve include:

Vision Changes After an Auto Accident

Vision changes after an auto accident are a severe problem that can have permanent impacts on someone’s quality of life. A traumatic accident can remove someone’s ability to see in the blink of an eye. Some of the possible mechanisms of visual changes in motor vehicle collisions include:

Obtain Compensation for Injuries on Unsafe Roads 

Unsafe roads can lead to a motor vehicle accident. Most of these accidents are caused by hitting a pothole, resulting in damage to the vehicle. Others can lead to a major traffic accident. This can leave those involved in the crash with severe injuries or even cause fatalities. Since a government entity is responsible for making roads, city streets, bridges and overpasses safe, they can be held liable for accident injuries.

Fatal Pedestrian Accident in Folsom

A fatal pedestrian accident occurred in Folsom on May 14 when a walker was struck by a motor vehicle. According to a spokesperson for the Folsom Police Department, the pedestrian was inside the crosswalk and passing to the other side of the street about 6:00 in the morning when the accident happened. An adult male motorist was going west on Blue Ravine Road where it intersects with Natoma Station Drive when his vehicle struck the walker. I want to offer my sympathy and prayers to the friends and family of the deceased for their loss in this trying time.

Pedestrian Injured in Modesto Hit and Run

A pedestrian was injured in a Modesto hit and run accident on the night of May 15, 2019. The incident occurred shortly before 9:30 p.m. at Standiford Avenue and Dale Road. A pedestrian was crossing the intersection when he was hit by a motorist who then drove away from the scene in a white Toyota Camry. The pedestrian was transported to the hospital for treatment of moderate injuries. Updates on his condition were not immediately available.

Complications of a Broken Hand in an Auto Accident

The hand is an intricate structure of multiple bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. All of these parts are supplied with oxygen and nutrients via many small blood vessels. If any of these structures are disrupted, people could lose some of the motor or sensory functions of their hand. If somebody sustains a severe injury to the hand in a car accident, there are serious complications that might result.

Long Term Accident Injuries Overview 

A surprising number of car crashes lead to long term accident injuries and permanent damage. This type of injury can affect every facet of a person’s life. From walking to being able to hold down a job, long term accident injuries can make it difficult to enjoy the same quality of life that existed before. However, with time, many are able to work through their disability and fashion a new, although different, life. This takes time and can come with an emotional, financial and physical cost. When the accident was caused by negligence, someone with long term accident injuries can recover the associated financial damages. Below, we will explore the types of residual or permanent injuries that occur.