Recovery After a Hip Injury in a Car Accident

Following a severe hip injury, the recovery process can take many different forms. The hips play an essential role in the body as they provide strength, support, flexibility, and mobility for both the torso and the lower body. Some of the factors that are likely to play a role include:

Potential Breakthrough Brain Injury Test

There might be a breakthrough brain injury test under development. While there has been a lot of attention on concussions in the world of sports, particularly football, these injuries can also impact people involved in auto accidents and fall injuries. Unfortunately, the evaluation of these injuries is often limited to clinical history, physical examination, and possible head imaging. Currently, there is no objective blood test that is used to diagnose TBIs. Recently, a research laboratory received a boost from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to speed along the development of a new test. This test could make it easier for medical professionals to diagnose mild traumatic brain injuries and concussions.

Single-Engine Airplane Crash Kills Pilot

On June 16, an airplane crash killed Trent Johnson, a pilot from the Modesto area. His Piper PA-11 single-engine plane struck some power lines and crashed, nose first, into Lake Tulloch. The accident occurred at around 11:40 a.m. near Poker Flat, which is a lakeside, gated community. The plane was recovered from the lake about 110 feet down with the deceased pilot onboard, according to the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department. I would like to extend my sympathy to the family and friends of the deceased for their tragic loss.

One Woman Dies in Rural Woodland Crash

California Highway Patrol (CHP) officials reported that one woman passed away during a local car accident on Wednesday, June 19, 2019. The collision involved two vehicles and took place on a rural road just outside of Woodland. Reports indicated that two more individuals suffered injuries during the accident, one of whom sustained critical trauma. Two days after the accident took place, Yolo County authorities identified the fatally injured woman as Ruth Moeller, a 91-year-old resident of Woodland. I wish to send my condolences to Ms. Moeller’s loved ones after they’ve suffered such a terrible loss.

Overview of a Median Nerve Injury

The median nerve is one of the most critical parts of the body. Running down the arm and into the hand, a median nerve injury could lead to severe complications. Like other nerve injuries, damage to this vital structure could lead to the permanent loss of various motor and sensory functions. This nerve serves a variety of essential tasks, including:

Motorcycle Rider Injured on Greenback Lane

A motorcycle rider was injured in Orangevale on June 19 when a collision happened involving two motor vehicles. The accident occurred shortly after 6:00 in the morning along Greenback Lane in front of WinCo, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). A gray Charger and a black HD were also involved in the collision and were blocking both lanes along Greenback. According to one person who reported the accident, they thought the vehicles had possibly hit something slick on the roadway that made the drivers lose control. However, this has not been confirmed by police. The CHP is investigating the crash to determine its cause and assign fault in the accident.

Opioid-Addicted Infants

The opioid epidemic is one of the most pressing issues facing this country today and, unfortunately, it even impacts newborn babies. According to a recent study that was published in the Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine earlier in 2019, babies who have been exposed to opioids suffer more pain than those who do not. Even though opioid medications are effective at treating pain, they do have a number of different side effects and their use must be cautioned during pregnancy. If a pregnant mother takes opioids, she could be exposing her unborn child to the medication as well. While protocols do exist for treating symptoms of pain in opioid-addicted infants, these babies might actually need more attention than was previously thought. The results of this study could signal that a paradigm shift is needed in the way that opioid use during pregnancy is handled.

Construction Zone Crash When Semi Collides With Paver

A construction zone accident happened along Highway 99 when a tractor-trailer overturned on June 20. The reason the big rig overturned, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), was because it collided with a paving machine placed there by Caltrans. The collision occurred about 4:00 in the morning close to Fruitridge Road, and workers on the project were present at the time. The accident report said that the big rig struck the paver while two workers were on it. One worker jumped into the other worker’s lap to avoid being hit by the semi. The driver of the big rig and both Caltrans workers were injured in the accident and transported to a nearby hospital. None of the injuries appeared to be major, according to a CHP spokesman.

Multiple Injuries in Watt Avenue Crash

Multiple injuries were seen after a three-vehicle crash in Sacramento on June 19. The accident occurred shortly before 4:30 in the morning along Watt Avenue at Auburn Boulevard. One of the vehicles fled from the accident scene following the crash. Four people were transported to a nearby hospital with injuries described as non-life threatening, according to a spokesperson with the Sacramento Police Department. The accident is under investigation to determine how it happened.

The Side Effects of Taxotere

Taxotere is a medication used to treat breast cancer and, like other medications, can lead to adverse effects. Taxotere functions by inhibiting the DNA replication process that takes place in solid tumors, such as breast cancer. Furthermore, Taxotere (generic name Docetaxel) has been proven in clinical research to improve the outcomes of those with metastatic breast cancer, providing a possible treatment option for those who might not have one. Unfortunately, there are also several dangerous side effects of which all patients should be aware. These include immune suppression, fatigue, and nerve damage.