Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury is always serious because it has the potential to lead to long-term complications. The neurons of the brain do not regenerate like other parts of the body, making many of the functional and cognitive deficits permanent. On the other hand, the human body is resilient, and even in cases involving a severe TBI, some functional recovery might be possible. This was demonstrated following a catastrophic traumatic brain injury that occurred in a motorcycle accident. A young man made a remarkable, meaningful recovery. The crash was published as a case report in the American Journal of Case Reports.

Fairfield Motorcyclist Injured During Auto Accident

Police stated that a local man suffered injuries during an accident that took place in Fairfield on Monday, July 15, 2019. Officers of the Fairfield Police Department (FPD) reported that the collision involved a motorcycle and a small SUV. Updates from medical officials indicated that the motorcyclist, identified as a 34-year-old Fairfield man, suffered life-threatening injuries during the crash and was in critical condition at the time of reporting. Police are actively investigating the collision. I’d like to send my support to the motorcyclist and his family during this difficult time.

Femur Fracture Injuries

A femur fracture is severe and is frequently complicated by numerous other associated injuries. Some of these injuries include other bone fractures, torn ligaments, and damaged tendons. Tendons anchor muscles to bones and allow the muscles to move the bones in the proper direction. When the tendons constrict, they pull on the muscles, which then shift the bones to perform various tasks. If the tendons are torn, the muscles are unable to act on the bones and movement is impaired. As a result, torn tendons associated with a femur fracture can be devastating and can lead to long-term mobility problems.

Red Bluff Man Identified After Oroville Accident

On Wednesday, July 17, 2019, officials of the Butte County Sheriff’s Department released the identity of a man who tragically lost his life six days earlier in a local car accident. The man was identified as James Dunn II, a 45-year-old resident of Red Bluff. The crash took place near the city of Oroville and involved three vehicles, including a commercial tree-trimming truck. Officers are still investigating the accident in order to determine what factors were involved. I’d like to extend condolences to Mr. Dunn’s family and friends after they have endured such a tragic loss.

Uber Accident Investigation Continues

An Uber accident that happened in March 2018 is the focus of a new investigation by police. Recent testing was done close to the accident site in Tempe, Arizona, where a pedestrian was killed by an Uber self-driving vehicle with a backup driver on board last year. An investigation by the Tempe Police in 2018 concluded that the accident was avoidable. In March, the prosecutor’s office said that Uber was not at fault. Now, culpability is directed toward the backup driver, Rafaela Vasquez, 45. The Maricopa County attorney’s office verified that prosecutors asked for additional information before making a decision to charge the backup driver. 

Motorcycle Rider Injured in La Riviera Accident

A motorcycle rider was injured in La Riviera on July 17 when slowed traffic caused the biker to collide with a stationary object. The accident happened at about 7:15 in the morning along westbound U.S. 50 just east of Watt Avenue, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The traffic slowed, which caused the motorcyclist to make an emergency maneuver, and resulted in the bike hitting the center divide. A fire truck was used to block the HOV lane to allow emergency personnel to transport the injured rider to the hospital. No word has been released on the condition of the motorcycle rider at this time.

Three Injured in Redding Auto Accident

Three people suffered injuries during a car accident that happened in Redding recently. The collision reportedly involved two vehicles and took place in the early evening. While all three people involved in the accident were transported to the hospital to be given medical care, officials say that their injuries were not severe. Redding Police Department (RPD) officers are still investigating the collision.

Woman Suffered Injuries in a Pedestrian Accident

A Turlock woman was injured in an Atwater pedestrian accident on the night of July 17, 2019. The crash occurred shortly before 9:30 p.m. along the right shoulder of Highway 99, just north of Applegate Road. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the 63-year-old woman was standing outside of her 2019 Nissan Versa after running out of fuel. At the same time, a 54-year-old Chowchilla man was driving a 2000 Chevrolet pickup truck along the highway in the right lane. For unknown reasons, the Chevrolet reportedly veered onto the right shoulder and collided with the rear of the Nissan. This caused the woman to be hit by one of the cars. The Chevrolet continued and overturned along the shoulder. The woman was transported via air ambulance to a hospital in Modesto for treatment of a head injury and lacerations to her right arm. The Chevrolet driver was also taken to the hospital for complaints of back pain. An update regarding the conditions of those injured was not immediately available.

San Diego Girl Killed in Fresno Pedestrian Accident

A San Diego girl was killed in a Fresno pedestrian accident on the early morning of July 16, 2019. The incident occurred shortly after 2:00 a.m. near East Teague Avenue and North Willow Avenue in northeast Fresno. A preliminary report by the Fresno Police Department suggested that a 15-year-old girl was struck by an oncoming vehicle. The driver reportedly crashed into a tree after the pedestrian accident. Emergency responders were called to the scene to render aid. Sadly, the girl was pronounced deceased at the scene. Officials have not yet identified the girl due to pending notification of her family members. We would like to send our thoughts and prayers to the loved ones of the girl in their time of loss.

Roseville Community Events

There’s more to Roseville than the Galleria Mall and great shopping opportunities! As the most thriving commercial and retail hub in the county, Roseville has a lot to offer in terms of community events. If you’ve already visited the Roseville Golfland-Sunsplash and Maidu Museum & Historic Site, but want to indulge in some fun recreation activities, here’s a list of upcoming July events in Roseville.