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Dangerous Lincoln Intersections
Dangerous Lincoln Intersections

I’m Ed Smith, a Lincoln car accident attorney. Although Lincoln is a relatively small city with a population of just about 47,000 people, it still has a fair number of vehicle accidents. As with all cities, accidents in Lincoln can be understood by looking at the particular circumstances under which they happen.

Community Events in Lincoln

Lincoln is one of the oldest settlements in California and, after being converted to a sizeable city by gold-rush immigration, remains a vibrant community with lots to offer. Some of the upcoming community events taking place in Lincoln over the next few weeks are detailed below.


Toyota Recalls January 2017

I’m Ed Smith, a Lincoln auto accident attorney. The Japanese automotive manufacturer, Toyota, produces the vehicles that are high in demand throughout the United States today. Many drivers choose a Toyota for its alleged benefits of reliability along with fuel efficiency. What many may not know about this popular automaker is that they are frequently issuing safety recalls.

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