Helicopter Accident In Manhattan Kills 5

Helicopter Crash in Manhattan Kills 5

Helicopter Crash In Manhattan Kills 5

I’m Ed Smith, a Helicopter Accident Attorney in Sacramento. Five individuals lost their lives after being involved in a helicopter accident in New York State during the night of Sunday, March 11, 2018. Authorities have reported that all occupants of the helicopter were killed except for the pilot.

My deep sympathies are with those suffering the loss of their loved ones due to this tragedy.

What Happened?

The incident reportedly occurred at approximately 7:00 p.m. A red touring helicopter had been flying a group of sightseers along a popular route offering a view of the iconic Manhattan skyline. However, according to witnesses, the helicopter had been flying dangerously fast and descending at an alarming rate.

From riverside parks and high-rise building, witnesses watched the helicopter lose altitude until it plunged into the water of the East River. The rotors of the helicopter reportedly continued to chop at the water before coming to a halt as the aircraft tilted over, capsized, and began sinking into the river.

Moments after the helicopter submerged partially, the pilot was able to escape and climb to the top of the wreck where he began to yell for help.

Watch YouTube Video ~ 5 dead after New York City Helicopter Crash. Watch the video below by ABC News for more details about the crash.

Emergency Response

In response to the pilot, a group of tugboats and emergency vessels arrived at the accident site and launched a search for the other helicopter occupants. Emergency responders who dived into the river to find the passengers discovered them still inside the helicopter and trapped by tight harnesses.

The helicopter occupants were cut out of their harnesses and pulled out of the wreck by responders battling temperatures of under 40 degrees and a river current of over 5 mph. Eventually, the helicopter passengers were taken to shore.

Fatal Injuries

Despite efforts to rescue them, all the passengers died as a result of the crash. Two occupants were pronounced dead at the accident scene while three others passed away while receiving care at the hospital. The pilot was reported to be in fair health following the crash.

What Caused the Helicopter Accident?

Reports indicate that the reason the helicopter crashed was not immediately clear. Witnesses of the incident say that they noticed the helicopter because it was traveling quickly at an altitude lower than usual for helicopters flying along the East River between Queens and Manhattan. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said on Monday, March 12, 2018, that they were sending personnel to the crash site to conduct an investigation.

What Type of Helicopter?

The helicopter was reported to be a Eurocopter AS350 model owned by the New-Jersey based company Liberty Helicopters and had been on a privately chartered photography flight when the accident occurred. Liberty Helicopters is the only helicopter company with a license allowing its aircraft to come within 1,000 feet of New York’s Statue of Liberty during its tours.

The company had not yet made comments regarding the fatal helicopter accident at the time of reporting. Whether or not the aircraft was operating properly remains unknown.

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