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The Good and Bad of Autonomous Vehicles

In 2018, there were numerous breakthroughs and downfalls for self-driving cars. It is without a doubt self-driving cars hold the potential to reduce car accidents and save tons of lives, but only if they are programmed to be in sync with all other vehicles on the road. As driverless cars went from a startup prototype to reality, the rest of the world is now wondering where this technology will be heading. Many questions concerning autonomous vehicles remain unanswered as we wait to see further technological development. Below is a recap of the big moments for driverless vehicles in 2018.

Uber Revamps Approach to Autonomous Vehicle Testing

For the first four months following the tragic autonomous Uber car accident that killed one pedestrian in Arizona, the company’s driver-less vehicle technology was extracted from public roads. Arizona state governor Doug Ducey banned Uber from testing any more vehicles in the state, Uber did not renew their testing permit for California, and they pulled their cars off the roads in Pittsburgh. However, it was recently publicly announced that Uber’s autonomous vehicles would be returning to Pittsburgh. It is worth noting that their return is marked by one condition: the vehicles will be functioning manually (human-driven). What this means is that, for now, their cars will only be on the road to collect data for mapping and training purposes.


Self-Driving Car Crash Kills Pedestrian

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento self-driving car accident lawyer. An accident in Arizona on March 18, where Uber is testing its autonomous vehicles, caused the death of a pedestrian. Uber has stopped all testing of its self-driving vehicles in several cities while an investigation into the accident is ongoing.