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Redding Fatal Tree Collision

Redding Fatal Tree Collision

Deadly Redding Tree Collision 

Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of a Redding man who has died in a hospital following a tree collision early Saturday morning at 3:35 am.

What Happened?

A 35-year-old man was traveling with a passenger along Highway 101 going south Saturday morning when he exited to S. G Street which lies in Humboldt County. Before reaching the end of the ramp, the driver departed the roadway and hit a tree alongside the exit ramp. The exit ramp is nearly a U-turn as it curves to the right and becomes S. G Street.

When California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers and other emergency services arrived they transported the driver in an ambulance to the Mad River Hospital where he later died. The passenger was identified as 36-year-old Andrea Eddy from Weaverville. Her injuries were minor and she was taken by ambulance to the St. Joseph Hospital to receive treatment. Both the driver and passenger of the 2014 model Dodge Journey were determined to have been wearing their seatbelts at the time of the crash.

How did the tree collision Happen?

While this car accident is still under investigation, it appears to involve impaired driving, possibly from substances such as drugs or alcohol. High-speed collisions, even while wearing seatbelts and having airbags, can often be fatal. In 2013, California had 867 deaths from drunk driving which is 29% of all traffic deaths in the state for that year.

Driving while impaired can seriously affect important skills needed for safe driving. According to a report done by The University of Texas at San Antonio, alcohol can reduce your vision up to 35% of normal. It can also diminish your reaction time by 25%. Any level of impairment can put you and your passengers in serious jeopardy while operating a motor vehicle at normal to high speeds. This is a result of the alcohol reducing the activity of your neurons, or brain cells. It is like a slow internet connection while trying to play video games. The signal takes too long to go from your eyes to your brain, be processed between all the different parts of the brain and then sent to the muscles to react.


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