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The Good and Bad of Autonomous Vehicles

In 2018, there were numerous breakthroughs and downfalls for self-driving cars. It is without a doubt self-driving cars hold the potential to reduce car accidents and save tons of lives, but only if they are programmed to be in sync with all other vehicles on the road. As driverless cars went from a startup prototype to reality, the rest of the world is now wondering where this technology will be heading. Many questions concerning autonomous vehicles remain unanswered as we wait to see further technological development. Below is a recap of the big moments for driverless vehicles in 2018.

Human Factors in Driverless Cars

Human Factors in Driverless Cars 

I’m Ed Smith, a Self-Driving Car Accident Lawyer. Autonomous cars promise to reduce accidents, save time, and dramatically improve human efficiency. Manufacturers of self-driving car technology, such as GM, Daimler-Bosch, Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, Renault, and Tesla, along with ride-sharing serving providers such as Uber are already testing semi-autonomous cars on the roads. These cars currently do have a human backup driver present in the vehicle during a road tests. Analysts estimate that the initial phase of commercial release of these vehicles on the roads will also involve some degree of human interaction.

Waymo Van Involved in Accident in Chandler, Arizona

Waymo Van Involved in Accident in Chandler Arizona

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento self-driving car accident lawyer. A recent accident in Chandler, Arizona, between a Waymo autonomous vehicle and a Honda sedan resulted in injury to the human operator of the self-driving car. Details about the accident were sketchy at first, but later, police confirmed that the car was in manual mode when the collision occurred. Reportedly, the Honda tried to avoid a collision with another vehicle and ended up striking the driverless car.

Uber's Problems Before Phoenix Pedestrian Accident

Uber’s Problems Before Phoenix Pedestrian Accident

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento lawyer for self-driving car accidents. The Uber accident in Phoenix where a pedestrian was killed was not the beginning of the company’s problems. Aside from a long court battle with Waymo, Google’s former autonomous car project, Uber’s ability to compete was already tarnished.

Doubts About the Safety of Self-Driving Car Technology

Doubts About the Safety of Self-Driving Car Technology

I’m Ed Smith, a self-driving car accident lawyer in Sacramento. An autonomous car hit and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona, on March 18. This is causing many individuals to worry about how safe these high-tech cars really are. Today we are going to explore the safety of self-driving cars and whether or not this new technology will be widely accepted.

Self-Driving Car Crash Kills Pedestrian

Pedestrian Killed by Self-Driving Car

An accident in Arizona on March 18, where Uber is testing its autonomous vehicles, caused the death of a pedestrian. Uber has stopped all testing of its self-driving vehicles in several cities while an investigation into the accident is ongoing.

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